UK’s Gambling Commission considers prosecuting video game companies that facilitate gambling

It sounds as if the UK is preparing for a bit of a crackdown on video game gambling of the third-party kind. According to...

Grand Theft Auto Online opens up the Diamond Casino & Resort to all

Sure, you spend a lot of your time in Grand Theft Auto Online doing entertaining and exciting crimes, but isn't it high time you...
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EA absurdly argues video game lootboxes are ‘surprise mechanics’

Did you think EA had maybe learned its lesson from the whole Star Wars Battlefront lockbox meltdown back in 2017, when the uproar over...

New study finds connection between gambling addiction and lootbox purchases in adolescents

The research and science continues in the case of lockbox/lootbox purchasing habits and gambling addiction. The latest piece of scientific literature on the subject...

Star Trek Online’s Discovery Enterprise lockbox has captains in an uproar

It stands to reason that in a game called Star Trek Online, the most desirable starships of them all will be any that have...
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Lawful Neutral: Why Josh Hawley’s lockbox regulation Senate bill is dead-on-arrival

There's a special place in my heart for lootboxes and exploitative monetization, and that place is somewhere below the revulsion I feel for Martin...

Flemish Games Association speaks out against Belgium’s loot box ban

You may recall that last year, the Belgian Gaming Commission (BGC) released a report in which it concluded that "the purchase of loot boxes...

Anti-lootbox Senator claims gaming lobbyists are getting worried; Nintendo pulls mobile titles from Belgium over lootboxes

It's a day that ends in "y" and so that means some fresh lootbox-related news to share with you fine folks! First up is...

Rockstar restricts Red Dead Online’s poker minigame due to regional gambling laws

Last week, Rockstar gave Red Dead Online players the opportunity to settle down with some friendly games of poker, but it would appear that...
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US Senator takes aim at lockboxes and pay-to-win with ‘Protecting Children From Abusive Games Act’

The gamblebox issue isn't dying down any time soon, it appears. As Kotaku first reported, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has announced he plans to...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online has a gambling problem

The gambling debate has kicked off again in EVE Online, this time in response to the annual Guardian's Gala event that's currently running throughout...

EA cuts sale of FIFA currency in Belgium in ongoing lootbox legal conflict

Remember back in 2018 when Belgium cracked down on gambleboxes in video games, zeroing in on Overwatch, FIFA 18, and CSGO and ordering them...

Just when you thought lockbox gambling couldn’t get any grosser

You might think, given the public outcry against digital video game lockboxes over the last year and the slow-moving but serious oversight crackdown currently...

UK parliament committee will investigate addictive tech, lootboxes, and harmful gamification

Given that UK researchers this year found a "relationship between problem gambling and the use of loot boxes" as well as determined that problem...
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MMO Business Roundup: Chinese vs Western gamers, devs against Brexit, and lockboxes as gambling in Australia

Welcome back to another quick trip through some of this week's gaming business tidbits. Profiling Chinese gamers Quantic Foundry, the Nick Yee research firm that studies...

The FTC commits to investigating video game lootboxes following US Senate subcommittee hearing

Readers following the long-running lootbox/lockbox debate will recall that back in February of this year, New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, who sits on the...

Nearly a third of the kids surveyed in the UK Gambling Commission’s study admitted to buying lockboxes

The UK Gambling Commission's Young People & Gambling 2018 report was released this month with disturbing statistics for the role gambling is apparently playing...

MMO Business Roundup: Japanese lockboxes, POGO and Square Enix financials, and Prima’s end

"The Good Times Are Over for Japan’s Loot-Box-Style Gaming Bonanza" - that's the brutal headline plonked onto this week's Bloomberg report on Japanese lockboxes....

Ireland signed declaration of concern but won’t regulate lockboxes as gambling

Remember two weeks ago when a bunch of representatives from the Europe and US cosigned a declaration noting concerns over skin-betting and lockboxes at...

Guild Wars 2: Belgian players report gem-buying block, plus more on the bubble tea bans

If you're a Belgian gamer, you should probably take a peek at your Guild Wars 2 account. Multiple Redditors and forumgoers from the country...