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This is not that story.

Vague Patch Notes: Bro, do you even play your MMO?

So Guild Wars 2 had some problems with the process to unlock its siege turtle mount. As launched, it required players to take part in...

Raph Koster talks metaverse creation and learning lessons from past game design mistakes

"Metaverse." It's the one word that, apparently, drives game execs and investors into a babbling frenzy just seconds before they explode into venture capital...
Another one of these, but the art is more boring.

David Brevik discusses how Diablo 2’s development was marked with a year of crunch

It's easy to think of "crunch" in game development being something of a more recent phenomenon as we've heard more about it. It's also...

Games devs discuss how to make games for players 55 and older

Games can (and should) be for everyone, regardless of things like gender identity, race, or even age. That said, there are certain challenges to...

ZeniMax and Bungie are part of a joint effort to fight against gamedev crunch

People are becoming more and more aware of the abusive mill game developers are being ground against in order to release the titles we...
Show of hands, who saw this coming? Be honest.

Ashes of Creation is preparing a game director’s letter, fans infer that delays are incoming

It appears that all is not well behind the scenes of Ashes of Creation. Intrepid's Steven Sharif has made a few remarks on the game's...

EVE Evolved: Where can EVE Online go from here?

Ask a hundred EVE Online players when the game was at its best and you'll get a hundred different answers. For some older players...

MMO designer Raph Koster lays out the component parts of making MMORPGs

Veteran MMORPG designer Raph Koster has up a new blog post that sheds some light on the many angles of developing an MMORPG. In...

Electronic Arts is working on Project Atlas, its new cloud-based game development platform

A couple of days ago, Electronic Arts CTO Ken Moss published a blog post announcing Project Atlas, a cloud-based game development platform that aims...
Like a bridged over zone-wide conflicts

Crowfall shows off the behind-the-scenes magic of the Clusterizer

As cool as it may sound, unless you're actually working on developing Crowfall, the odds are you will never see the Clusterizer in action....
Get off your phone.

Albion Online’s shift away from mobile was a matter of market forces

If you remember a lot of the early marketing for Albion Online, it focused quite heavily on how the game was going to feature...

The Repopulation details the changes for art assets and how they help players

The odds are high that when you walk through an MMO's landscape, you are not thinking about art assets beyond "this looks pretty" or...

EVE Evolved: Solving EVE Online’s botting problem

Practically every MMO on the market today has had to contend with botting and the range of issues that come with it, and EVE Online...

EVE Evolved: A matter of balance in EVE Online

Throughout its almost 15-year lifetime, EVE Online has walked a fine line between developing new features and iterating on existing gameplay. Development has to...
The shooter shoots.

Ascent: Infinite Realm’s 2019 launch is the future of Kakao’s international ambitions

Good news, Ascent: Infinite Realm! The future of Kakao's international plans and possible acquisition of western development studios hinges upon your success! Not that...
Pictured: Probably not Toronto.

Digital Extremes to open a new studio in Toronto

The studio behind Warframe is riding the success of that game until it runs out of rail, because why would they not? A new...

Perfect Ten: How MMORPGs become so darn complicated

MMOs are complicated. This seems like a fairly non-controversial statement; there are more or less complicated games, but they all tend to be complex...

EVE Evolved: Does EVE Online need more conflict-drivers?

Of all the terminology associated with EVE Online, the one thing that's always made me a bit uncomfortable is to hear players describe PvP as "generating...
And this is why that's not a blobby mess!

Conan Exiles walks through the process of adding texture-rendering middleware late in development

The developers of Conan Exiles had a problem. The game was full of high-resolution textures to paint across the world, thus ensuring that rocks...
We all began with good intents.

Chronicles of Elyria discusses moving to production and its next stretch goal

Good news for the Chronicles of Elyria fans in the audience, as the game is officially moving on from pre-production to production very soon....