gamescom 2016

Star Citizen interview covers ship costs, PvP model, and new systems

How much will it take to earn one of those fancy Star Citizen ships in-game at which some fans seem to be throwing hundreds (if...

Get caught up on Elder Scrolls Online’s fall plans with this recap

If you've been aware that there is a lot going on with Elder Scrolls Online lately but are a little confused about the specifics,...

Star Citizen demos gameplay in its in-development persistent universe

If you were holding onto your hype waiting for Star Citizen's persistent universe, keep on holding because it's not out yet. But at Gamescom...

Gamescom 2016: World of Warcraft brings out the hard content three weeks after Legion’s launch

For some players, the real fun of World of Warcraft: Legion won't start until a month after its August 30th launch. At the Legion-plus-three-weeks...
I made you this. Use it.

Gamescom: Elder Scrolls Online on lockboxes, the gold edition, and One Tamriel

A Redditor who attended The Elder Scrolls Online's tavern event at this year's Gamescom snagged over half an hour of shaky-cam footage and a...

Gamescom 2016: Star Citizen’s annual presentation

Gamescom will once again play host to Star Citizen's annual presentation today. Kicking off at 3 p.m. EDT (when this post first goes live!), the event...

NCsoft previews Aion 5.1 for EU with new instances and battlefields

If you're thinking, hey, didn't Aion just put out a patch like 10 days ago, then congratulate your memory on retaining that information. Indeed,...
Y'all know I love some robots.

Gamescom 2016: Overwatch’s Last Bastion short

Live at Gamescom today, Blizzard pushed out another animated short for Overwatch as promised. Called The Last Bastion, it covers... well... Bastion. Or uncovers him,...

Gamescom 2016: Elite Dangerous demos Port Variant and route plotting

Frontier has a bundle of new Elite Dangerous videos out in honor of Gamescom. First up is the newest pair: a look at the upcoming Port...

Gamescom 2016: SCUM turns prison riots into survival fun

It truly seems as though game developers worldwide are participating in a massive challenge to see who can take the most wild or ridiculous...
I like this world where the police spend money on sports cars instead of military hardware.

Gamescom 2016: The Crew releases a trailer for Calling All Units

You're kind of on the wrong side of the law in The Crew; illegal street races are sort of, well, illegal. It's right there...

Gamescom 2016: Blizzard plans to show off Legion and new maps for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm

Unless you're living in some sort of video game-proof hole, you are probably aware that the mighty Gamescom is kicking off tomorrow and running...