Con in Cologne, Germany, usually in August every year.

Let the dead bury their dead, they will come out in droves.

Massively Overthinking: Contemplating the never-ending summer of not-E3

A couple of weeks back, I was reading a piece on RPS that jokingly lamented the way the game reveals of this summer have...

MMO Business Roundup: Guerilla Collective, PlayStation Studios, XLGAMES’ new MMO, ChinaJoy, and NCsoft’s baseball team

Welcome back to another roundup of business stories relating to MMOs - or adjacent to them. Adjacentness! Funcom: The Norwegian MMO company will be participating...

GDC Summer, Dota 2’s The International, and Fortnite’s World Cup suffer fresh setbacks thanks to the pandemic

More bad news for gaming convention-goers and esports fans: Everything is canceled. OK, not everything, but a lot. And not canceled, but postponed or...
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COVID-19: Gamescom goes digital, Star Trek Online honors medics, Raph Koster tackles pandemic denialism

Welcome back to another roundup of how MMOs and the gaming industry are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday we reported on the news that Germany...

COVID-19 Roundup: EVE Online’s huge influx of newbies, live Gamescom is probably toast

Welcome back to another roundup of how MMOs and the gaming industry are faring and fronting during the COVID-19 pandemic. First up: CCP's Hilmar Pétursson...

Coronavirus roundup: GamesCom 2020 is still planned for August – for now

With GDC and E3 closing their doors, you might be wondering about GamesCom 2020, originally set for August this summer. Will the coronavirus have...

EVE Vegas 2019: CCP and Hadean announce a third EVE Aether Wars event for November

Ahead of EVE Vegas today, CCP Games has announced a third go-round of EVE Aether Wars. Gamers will recall that's the tech partnership with...

RuneScape 2019: RuneScape’s focus on community shines in Golden Globes and cosplay

What is RuneFest? We have reported on the announcements, but that's the convention actually like? As I had only attended RuneScape's 15th anniversary before,...

Sea of Thieves announces a Creator Crew program to help support the game’s content creators

The weekly dev update video from Sea of Thieves and executive producer Joe Neate has offered up some preliminary details of a Creator Crew...

Square Enix vows to support Final Fantasy XIV instead of working on another MMO sequel

Regular readers will note that Final Fantasy XIV earned our MMORPG of the Year award last year, with many of the staff citing the...

Elite Dangerous will revamp the newbie experience in September, add fleet carriers in December

Fresh outta Gamescom is the news that Elite Dangerous is cooking up multiple updates for commanders across the galaxy. First up: the September Update. Launching...

Astellia Online demos two gender-unlocked classes: the lady Warrior and Assassin

When Barunson first announced Astellia Online for the west, it came with some big promises, chief among which was the vow to nuke the...

Astellia Online is launching on September 27 – here’s what to expect

 German website Mein MMO has a Gamescom interview up that seemingly announces the launch date for Astellia Online. "The release of the western version...

Gamescom 2019: Black Desert’s PS4 version just hit headstart with a new launch trailer

We're down to just under two days to go before Pearl Abyss' popular MMORPG Black Desert PS4 joins its PC and Xbox One crew,...
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Gamescom 2019’s most interesting multiplayer announcements so far

Here's what we've got our eye on multiplayer-wise after the opening night of Gamescom this year - everything from Monster Hunter World Icebourne and Google Stadia missteps to multiplayer Kerbals and Swedish heavy metal rock bands.

ArcheAge’s secret project is ArcheAge Unchained, a monetization do-over and B2P server

Last week, Gamigo raised eyebrows with a countdown website under the old Trion domain promising a big Gamescom reveal. Subsequent ArcheAge tweets and details...
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Sea of Thieves drops Dark Relics update, preps Gamescom showing

Every other day this month can belong to WoW Classic, but today? Today is Sea of Thieves' day and everyone else can step off....

Gamigo drops more ArcheAge teases on labor points, monetization, and housing

Yesterday, Gamigo put up a teaser website under the old Trion domain promising a big Gamescom reveal. Accompanied by an ArcheAge account tweet hinting...

Gamigo is up to something next week – is it related to ArcheAge?

Gamigo's dropping something new next week, according to a tweet the company just sent out. MMO players will recall that Gamigo's the German company...

Starfighter Inc gets a new name, new website, and a beta this summer

It would seem like reporting on the in-development multiplayer space flight sim Starfighter Inc is an annual tradition here at MOP. When we last...