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British Royal Mail commemorates classic British games like Elite with collectible stamps

Video game history and the British Royal Mail don't seem like the kinds of things that would go together, but that's just what has...
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The Daily Grind: How long does it take you to get attached to an MMO?

As the current author of our Choose My Adventure column, I was going to open this off by saying that a month isn't really...
Freedom, sort of.

Blizzard is rolling out StarCraft: Remastered for hardcore fans

It's been a very long time since StarCraft was first released. By this point, the original game is just part of the landscape, and...

Habitat’s source code is available for everyone

When does the history of MMOs start? If you answer that the first MMO was Ultima Online, you're right enough. If you answer that...
Hearing your wonderous stories.

The Daily Grind: How old were you when you got into MMOs?

When Ultima Online launched, the idea of having a computer capable of running it was a pipe dream for me, much less also having...
This. They're this.

Crash Course Gaming offers a quick primer on MMORPGs

What is an MMORPG? If you're reading this site, you probably have an answer ready to go, but you probably know more than a...
Light it up.

The Daily Grind: Who’s your oldest MMO character who still gets played?

My original two characters in World of Warcraft are no longer around; one of them was deleted and the other is never to be...
It's been a long time.

Check out a teaser for RuneScape’s 15-year anniversary documentary

Next year, RuneScape will be celebrating 15 years of continual operation. Even if you don't play the game and consider it one of your...
When leveling alts was already the plan...

WoW Factor: A self-defeating genre

Remember when World of Warcraft launched? I sure do. I remember when the game's developers strapped into a helicopter and broke into the building...