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Atlas patches in fire bolt ammo for ballistas, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements

After yet another span of silence, piratical MMO Atlas has once again piped up with a new version update that adds, among...

The Daily Grind: What was the biggest MMO mess that flew under the radar in 2019?

With all of our awards, positive and negative, mostly behind us now, I want to reflect on something almost no one talked about at...

Atlas unveils work on Wild Pirate Encampments and a non-dedicated multiplayer mode

Judging by the sound of the most recent Captain's Log update from the folks at Atlas, the idea behind Wild Pirate Encampments...
fite me u wot mate

Atlas previews its two new PvP modes due for the test realm in late March

There are people in Atlas who do not care for PvP. There's no version of PvP that will make those players happy. There are...

Atlas previews March milestone claim system changes and procedural shipwrecks

Last week, Atlas gave players their first peek at what they can expect with the March milestone update coming later this month,...
Sea what you did there.

Atlas plans to make the climb to the top less arduous for players

The development team behind Atlas is happy with the influence that hardcore players and large companies have upon the game. That's a core part...
Caw! Polly is no longer the apex predator!

Atlas hackers strike again with the return of the dreaded air whale

It's raining whales! What the heck, it's now raining whales?! Hoist sails! That's the ancient sea shanty players of Atlas were learning to sing...

Atlas teases dev livestream and the guillotine, announces imminent devkit release

Avast, ahoy, and all that jazz, Atlas players: It's time for another entry of the Captain's Log, in which the folks at

Grapeshot Games is working to combat Atlas hackers

It's been a bit of a rough start for Grapeshot Games's open-world survival MMO Atlas since it launched late last month, and...

Atlas’ latest patch is finally live, adding Claim Flag settings and making poop-eating lethal

Late last night, the latest patch for Grapeshot Games's survival-focused MMO Atlas finally went live after a multi-day delay, bringing with it a...