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Atlas returns to a larger scale map format on its official PvP server – with a wipe – for the March 15 season

Sure, there might be something said for being able to more easily find a PvP fight in Atlas, but it looks like the game's...

Atlas plans floating bases, more taming tools, and additional single-player support for Season 10

Atlas is once again full of promise and has its eyes set on the immediate future in its Season 10 roadmap, which is looking...

Atlas confirms a September 21 wipe of current season, shares a teaser image of its next season

The seasons are changing, both around the globe and in the pirating sandbox of Atlas, and as regular players know by now, a seasonal...
Set sale for design issues.

Atlas discusses improving solo player experiences, community mods, and ‘specialty realms’ in Q&A

While the pirating sandbox of Atlas is still apparently planning an end to early access by this year, there's still lots to do and...

Atlas promises ship diversity, more taming features, PvP adjustments, and end to early access in roadmap video

The piratical sandbox of Atlas has some things for players to look forward to in the new year, including some adjustments to existing features...

Atlas introduces a new ship and the Great Temple monument in its latest patch

Nothing says "flex" quite like being part of a guild that has managed to build and own the only wonder that can be created...

Atlas offers a lore-filled journal for its next major update arriving October 27

The devs of Atlas would like to tell you a story. A rather lengthy story, actually. Specifically, the second entry of Redbeard's Journal, which...
Ah... huh.

Atlas previews plants and spider mounts arriving in the game’s next major patch

So, Atlas fans, what do you want from the next major patch? Small clan support? Well, that's not in there. Major bug fixes? Uh......

Atlas releases a ‘summer bug smash’ patch that crushes a variety of bugs and adjusts the mortar ship

The pirating sandbox of Atlas is promising some new content on the horizon, but before any of those details are shared, the devs at...

Atlas decides to ignore themes, plans multiple maps, ship customization, and Wonders building for summer

Remember back when the devs of Atlas admitted that the piratical survival sandbox was missing a strong overall theme? Well it would appear...

Atlas Q&A acknowledges problems with Alliances, island assaults, and experience

Depending on your perspective, the latest community Q&A for Atlas will be either positive or frustrating. For example, if you're hoping to hear some acknowledgement...
I'm on a boat.

Atlas explains the logic behind its new ship system

Boats are kind of important in Atlas, since that's the main way that players sail between islands and generally engage in piratical operations. The game's new...
I'm on a boat.

Atlas developers state that the game is not yet where they want it to be in a new Q&A

It's kind of nice to have a developer outright tell you that a game still deep in development is not yet into a finished...
I'm on a boat.

Atlas answers community questions about future plans for trade, ships, sea content, and the claim system

With no patch for Atlas arriving this week, the devs at Grapeshot Games have taken the opportunity to answer some player questions about what's...
All right, did anyone prepare to defend the fort?

Early access MMO Atlas adds sea forts with its latest patch

Do you want to control trade in an area in Atlas? Well, you'll have to wait for the full trading system to be added to...
Ain't no one sailing now.

Atlas appears to be listing dead in the water

Off the port bow, there's something drifting in the water. Is it a shipwreck? Yes, in the sense that the ship is Atlas, the pirate...

Atlas patches in fire bolt ammo for ballistas, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements

After yet another span of silence, piratical MMO Atlas has once again piped up with a new version update that adds, among other things,...

The Daily Grind: What was the biggest MMO mess that flew under the radar in 2019?

With all of our awards, positive and negative, mostly behind us now, I want to reflect on something almost no one talked about at...

Atlas unveils work on Wild Pirate Encampments and a non-dedicated multiplayer mode

Judging by the sound of the most recent Captain's Log update from the folks at Atlas, the idea behind Wild Pirate Encampments sounds a...
fite me u wot mate

Atlas previews its two new PvP modes due for the test realm in late March

There are people in Atlas who do not care for PvP. There's no version of PvP that will make those players happy. There are also...