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Rockstar devs call studio ‘a boys’ club transformed into a real company’ as it reels back crunch culture

Readers might recall a rather infamous episode related to Rockstar Games and the treatment of its devs during the creation of Red Dead Redemption...

MMO sim RAW lets you live out your fantasy of being a convenience store clerk, seeks Kickstarter funding

Have you ever wished that you could spend your days slinging cigarettes over a counter? Or market used cars to gullible customers? Or grow...
Well, this is fine.

Take-Two’s crusade against Grand Theft Auto cheat creators continues with another successful lawsuit

It looks like Take-Two has added another marker to its tally of successful lawsuits against cheaters, this time against the creator of the Grand...

Grand Theft Auto Online introduces the Mammoth Patriot SUV and the Chariot Romero Hearse

The folks at Rockstar Games have added some sweet new rides to Grand Theft Auto Online with its update this week: the new Mammoth...

Broke Protocol adds a chase cam and armored car for your epic escapades

There can never be too many ways to check yourself out, which is why department store changing rooms have all of those mirrors. It's...
GTA Online

Rockstar publishes tips for making the most of GTA’s editor

Are you overwhelmed with the possibilities inherent in Rockstar's GTA V and GTA Online editor? If so, consider reading yesterday's tip article focused on capturing footage....

Not So Massively: Star Wars Battlefront is revealed; GTA 5 beats Skyrim

It's been a big week for competitive play in MOBAs. League of Legends opened the registration on its European Battlegrounds tournament and lifted the...