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Official Site: Guild Wars 2
Studio: ArenaNet/NCsoft
Launch Date: August 28, 2012
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Cash Shop, No Sub, Paid Expansions)
Platform: PC
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Guild Wars 2’s PAX reveal leaks early, and it’s a big deal

Guild Wars 2 hasn’t had much luck with its expansion reveal pace lately between dataminers and leaks, and this afternoon, that bad luck continues. A tweet from IGN, apparently entrusted exclusively with the news, blabbed some pretty big Heart of Thorns information, along with a trailer, which we’re going to hide behind spoiler code for those of you who’d like to try to remain innocent. And when I say big, I mean huge.

Click to reveal spoiler
The tweet appears to reveal that Guild Wars 2, currently one of the few buy-to-play MMOs on the market, is going free-to-play, at least with its base game. It also promises raids, which explains the “challenging group content” ArenaNet has been hinting at recently.

Data-mining suggests that the “free” looks a lot like a limited trial, with few character slots, a cap of level 15, rank caps, and limitations on mail, chat, trade, and PvP maps.

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Perfect Ten: Amazing MMO cosplay

I have nothing but deep respect for cosplayers because on two levels they are performing activities that I cannot. First of all, they put together incredible outfits that must take hours and hours of painstaking research and skill (not to mention money!) to assemble. And second, they go out in public and subject themselves to a nonstop barrage of stares and pictures.

As with any other geeky field, MMOs have attracted their fair share of cosplayers over the years. Today we’re going to look at 10 amazing outfits and the people who both put them together and wore them proudly.

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Guild Wars 2 reveals the Thief elite specialization, the Daredevil

How can you make a Thief in Guild Wars 2 be even more thiefly? Perhaps you could give Thieves the ability to steal things that don’t actually exist, like your sense of self-esteem, but that would be difficult to manage from a game mechanics perspective. No, a better option would be to make the Thief even more mobile and flexible on the battlefield, which is exactly what the new Daredevil elite specialization will bring to the class in Heart of Thorns.

It’s clear just from the screenshots that the Daredevil liberally employs a stick for hitting people and jumping on. This sums up the specialization in a way, though, with a definite emphasis on mobility and enhanced dodge rolls. You can find out more on the official diary about what the specialization is capable of, and you’ll be able to play with the elite specialization when the game’s next beta weekend opens up in early September.

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The next Guild Wars 2 expansion beta starts on Sept. 4

Guild Wars 2’s second Heart of Thorns beta weekend event starts on September 4th at 3:00 p.m. EDT. ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson says that the weekend tests “are your opportunity to help shape the development process and the experience you’ll have” when the game’s first expansion goes live.

He goes to explain how and why the devs won’t be revealing everything about Heart of Thorns in these weekend soirees, but rather will be testing enough to “broadly understand how everything works.” Players will be able to explore the first story chapter and the initial portions of the map, as well as the new Stronghold PvP game mode.

Source: Announcement


Flameseeker Chronicles: Am I the only one who doesn’t enjoy Guild Wars 2 datamining?

I know, I know: Solid information about Heart of Thorns is coming really slowly from the Guild Wars 2 PR machine, making for a bunch of very nervous potential players who have a whole list of unanswered questions. The elite specializations haven’t all been released at this stage, and we still don’t know that that “challenging group content” we’ve been promised will look like. There are so many moving parts still whirring along the road to the expansion’s release, each one hovering just out of reach for the eager playerbase. With at most four months until HoT is in our hands and pre-orders already flowing, we really want to know as much as we can about the product we’re spending our hard-earned gaming budgets on.

Having said that, I dislike how we, as a community, are spoiling the moment for ourselves and the team at ArenaNet by extensively datamining for goodies and avidly jumping on the information unearthed. I guess there’s nothing immoral or directly damaging about datamining, but I feel as if we sometimes poke, prod, and shake the shiny expansion-shaped present so much in our quest to guess at its contents that we inadvertently end up tearing the wrapping paper and spoiling the magic. We’re looking at little snippets of an unfinished product that are still largely open to interpretation, and while that’s good for speculation, it’s not so good for gleaning concrete details. For this week’s edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I wanted to depart from my usual content to touch on why I find datamining to be more than a little bit of a buzzkill rather than the tasty teaser it’s usually presented as.

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Guild Wars 2 hands out third anniversary gifts

If you created a character at the beginning of Guild Wars 2’s head start, then you’ll want to log in today to get your new birthday gifts.

Yes, it’s incredible to realize that Guild Wars 2 is already celebrating its third birthday! As such, the game has a parcel of presents ready to hand out to characters who have been around for three years. Included in the gift pile is an instant-level 30 scroll, a choice of one dye from one of the themed kits, several teleports to friends, and two birthday boosters.

Players will also get a new finisher that sends the Guild Wars 2 logo flying into the air (with a neat planetary effect), which you can see after the jump.

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Sword and Bored: Jumping puzzle

My opinion of jumping puzzles is likely opposite of most people who have played games like Guild Wars 2 or Star Wars: The Old Republic: I actually kind of like them. Sure, some of them are extremely frustrating, and I admit that I really am not very good at them. But they are fun, and they make MMOs more interesting than a straight combat simulator.

With the expansion that Mo’s MMO just recently had, there are, of course, going to be new jumping puzzles for Mo and his friends to complete. So let’s see what happens in this week’s comic…

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Guild Wars 2 teases Thief elite specialization

“This promises to be a distracting week…” Guild Wars 2 hinted on its Twitter account today, posting a piece of concept art with a figure holding what appears to be a staff or spear.

The safe money is on the announcement of the next Heart of Thorns elite specialization, most likely for the Thief class. Guild Wars 2 has already revealed several elite specs, including the Berserker, the Herald, the Tempest, the Reaper, the Dragonhunter, and the Chronomancer.

Guild Wars 2 will also be announcing the expansion’s “challenging group content” in a presentation at PAX this coming weekend.

Source: Twitter. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


One Shots: Quiet grace

When I take pictures of people in real life, I almost never ask them to pose. That feels so artificial to me; I’d rather have shots of them laughing, scowling, being weird, and being themselves instead. Also, I’m a creeper. It’s why I can appreciate this picture by reader Eamil from Final Fantasy XIV.

“This is my friend Rhadra Nelhah immediately after healing us through a dragonskin treasure map fight, wearing the Thavnairian bustier she just had crafted, holding a staff that shoots rainbows, and with the beautiful environment of the Sea of Clouds as a backdrop,” Eamil said. “I turned to look at her as the fight wound down and loot was being given out, and I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot.”

These moments of quiet grace should be photographed. And then photobombed.

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The Soapbox: These three MMOs deserve a do-over

Wouldn’t it be cool if every MMORPG that failed to reach its potential were granted some sort of do-over? We’ve seen it happen once, with 2013’s hugely successful A Realm Reborn reboot rising from the ashes of 2010’s Final Fantasy XIV farce.

That’s most definitely an isolated incident that owes a lot to Square’s deep pockets, though, and there are plenty of additional MMORPGs that started off as great ideas and ended up in desperate need of a retool.

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Massively Overthinking: MMOs that need VR

Man, our Kickstarter backers are fixated on virtual reality. It’s almost as if you guys are really tech-savvy and into gaming immersion or something!

Today’s Massively Overthinking question is indeed VR-related and comes to us from donor Dividion:

“Which released, first-person-playable MMO do you feel would benefit the most from implementing VR technology?”

So which MMO really, truly could benefit from VR, right now? Let’s do this!

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