Official Site: H1Z1
Studio: SOE, now Daybreak Game Company
Launch Date: January 15, 2015 (Early Access)
Genre: It’s a Battle Royale game now.
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Watch the rise and fall of the most popular Steam games of the last four years

For those of us who are visual learners (or heck, bar chart fanatics - and you know who you are), there's an interesting animated gif...

NantG continues negotiations with Daybreak to resurrect H1Z1’s Just Survive

The future of H1Z1's zombie survival component Just Survive has been in limbo for some time now, ever since a joint venture...
oh nooooo

H1Z1 patches in quick fixes for its mammoth Season 3 update on PlayStation 4

Adding a whole lot of stuff to a game in a patch can also break things. It's not intentional, but it's inevitable. H1Z1...

H1Z1’s third season brings FFA deathmatch, ranked leaderboards to PS4 on February 21st

Although Apex Legends is currently dominating the battle royale scene, genre-progenitor H1Z1 is still looking to keep itself fresh and exciting as...

H1Z1’s PC team makes the game look more old-school than ever before

While it will never be mistaken for the ultra-colorful and cartoony Fortnite, H1Z1 -- sorry, Z1 Battle Royale -- is doing what...
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H1Z1 adds ranked leaderboards for PlayStation 4 with its season 3 update

Are you tracking your progress as well as you could in H1Z1 on PlayStation 4? Sure, you think you're doing better now, but are you really...

MMO Business Roundup: Netmarble’s Nexon bid, Warframe’s owners, PC H1Z1, and the Fortnite kid who saved us from Facetime

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Ashes of Creation yoinks another ex-Daybreaker, this one a community manager

Ashes of Creation's Intrepid Studios has been grabbing up Daybreak devs left and right, and now it's hired a new one: Sarah...
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Ashes of Creation snaps up another Daybreak dev, this time from H1Z1 Just Survive

Daybreak's loss is Ashes of Creation's gain. Again. Intrepid Studio's habit of roping in former developers from SOE and Daybreak continues, as former

Daybreak found another 6000 $300 lifetime subs to sell, somehow

A week before Christmas, Daybreak announced that it was selling a $300 lifetime sub for its current stable of MMORPGs: a new version...

Hands-on: Dipping into Ashes of Creation’s Apocalypse battle royale

The first question we need to ask is: What am I, the sheepiest of all PvE sheep, doing in a PvP battle royale game?...

Daybreak’s offering a $300 lifetime sub for its stable of MMOs, and it’ll probably sell out

You had to figure Daybreak was gearing up for some sort of big sub thing, what with SSG doing it for LOTRO and...

‘Apocalyptic sandbox MMO’ Fear the Night is Snail Games’ new zombie survival title

Remember back when zombies were all the rage? Now even H1Z1 has decided zombies are passe, but here we are with the launch of...

Daybreak’s new game is PlanetSide Arena, and yes, it’s a battle royale

Earlier this week, Daybreak began sending emails to players and former players teasing a new game being worked on within the studio's walls and...

Daybreak has suffered another round of layoffs, between 60 and 70 people

It's Friday afternoon, which often portends bad news. Tonight, we're looking at more Daybreak layoffs. Massively OP understands that between 60 and 70 people may have been affected. Former SOE/Daybreak President John Smedley acknowledged the news on Twitter with a little bit of shade thrown in for good measure. The H1Z1 team working through NantWorks also tweeted its condolences.

Ask Mo: The hits and misses of Massively OP’s 2018 predictions

As we do every year, today we're going to peek back at the horrifying outcomes of last year's MOP staff predictions for the genre and the games within it to determine how well we did. After all, what would be the fun of making predictions if we couldn't giggle over our guesses a year later? So did we nail it or fail it? And did you fare better? Let's find out.

H1Z1 retunes its AR and AK weaponry with the latest patch

There's nothing festive about the latest Steam patch for H1Z1 (alias Z1 Battle Royale, alias Not Just Survive, alias Ricky "Player Pretty Well Known" Samberg)...

H1Z1 gets a new community manager for its PC-based Z1 Battle Royale

Remember how H1Z1 branded itself as Z1 Battle Royale because at this point the game has changed names more often than most people...