halloween 2018

Less of this and more lantern-y.

XL Games and Gamigo say ArcheAge’s ‘core production team’ is rolling out Relics of Hiram November 13

The fate of ArcheAge in the west has been up in the air for two weeks now following the collapse of Trion Worlds and...

The MOP Up: TERA opens SEA server and delivers Deathwrack to consoles

It was a pretty big week for action combat MMO TERA, starting with the delivery of the four-dungeon Deathwrack update to Xbox One and...

One Shots: A star is born

It's time for another amazing Fashion Week here at One Shots! It's like Shark Week, only with sleeker looks and less chum. Last time,...

The Stream Team: Halloween and submarines in World of Warships

Halloween isn't only celebrated on land, it's celebrated on the sea. At least it is in World of Warships. Massively OP's MJ is excited...

The Stream Team: Bootiful decorations in Black Desert Online

Halloween activities are fun, but part of the magic of the holiday is the decorations! And Black Desert Online does decorations well. Massively OP's...

The Stream Team: Extending Halloween with Wild Terra

You say Halloween has come and gone? Massively OP's MJ says pshaw! That was just First Halloweens; we still get Second Halloweens. Wild Terra...

The Stream Team: A final frolic in WildStar’s Shade’s Eve

Massively OP's MJ is saddened that this will be the last ever Shade's Eve in WildStar. Besides  a celebration of her favorite holiday, it's...

The Stream Team: Haunting World of Tanks’ Halloween

There are monster trucks, so why not monster tanks? That's what World of Tanks brings out for its Halloween festivities. Massively OP's MJ is...

The Stream Team: Conan Exiles’ night of the dead

Massively OP's MJ is excited to see what Conan Exiles has in store for its Halloween night event! The land opens to the dead...

Sea of Thieves adds makeup and improves tentacle collision with Festival of the Damned

Sea of Thieves is saying farewell to Forsaken Shores and hello to the Festival of the Damned today, just barely in time for the Halloween...

The Stream Team: Star Trek Online’s one-day Halloween event

What's spooky in Star Trek Online? When research goes awry! The mini-mission Hearts and Minds is back for Halloween. Maybe they could have called...

Black Desert revamps pet exchange system, kicks off ‘Celebrating Millions’ events

Black Desert's Halloween day update has more than just sweets: It's got a revamp for the pet exchange system, intended to make the acquisition...

Ship of Heroes demos deadly Halloween trick-or-treating and spooky new models

Just because a game's still being built doesn't mean it can't work on seasonal events, Ship of Heroes proves once again today. Heroic Games...
I'm alive! I promise.

Guild Wars 2’s legendary upgrade feature accidentally joins weekly patch as new RMT griefing trick emerges

If, like our staff, you looked at yesterday's Guild Wars 2 patch notes and thought it was a "filler patch" with just a handful...

Star Trek Online’s Age of Discovery is coming to consoles on November 13th

Earlier this month, Perfect World Entertainment released the first chapter of Star Trek Online's Age of Discovery update for the game's PC version, and...

Gloria Victis update expands crafting system, adds Halloween event content

The folks at Black Eye Games recently released the latest update for their medieval sandbox Gloria Victis, and according to the patch notes, it's...

Take home a MU Online, MU Legend, C9, Flyff, or Rappelz gift in Webzen’s Halloween 2018 giveaway

Webzen is celebrating the best holiday ever - Halloween, of course - with a round of bonus events across its whole catalogue of MMOs,...

The Stream Team: Tripping the Rifts with the Dauntless Riftstalker

A new monster has made its way to Dauntless. Part bat, part cat, part teleportation device, and part Halloween on four legs -- it's...
On a unicorn.

Global Chat: Is MapleStory 2 too cute for its own britches? (Yes.)

Maybe it's the weird gaming lull that's going on right now, but MapleStory 2 has picked up a good amount of press and player...

Black Desert: DDOS attacks, South Korean lawsuit, and Halloween

If you've been having problems with your Black Desert server crashing this week, you're not alone. Kakao seems to be suffering a wave of...