halloween 2021

Kan-E-Senna is a lush.

Final Fantasy XIV details the rewards from its clown-filled Halloween event for January

We've never been given an explanation for why, exactly, Final Fantasy XIV has delayed its Halloween event this year until... well, very shortly now....
Clowning around.

Final Fantasy XIV kicks off All Saints’ Wake on January 20

After many delays and endless speculation, the Halloween event for Final Fantasy XIV is finally arriving on January 20th. What an absolute clown show. No, that's...

SWG Legends rogue server added 15K new players in 2021, plans Bespin apartments for early 2022

So here's something I've never seen an MMO dev do before: The player-led Star Wars Galaxies rogue server known as SWG Legends just released...

Final Fantasy XIV prepares Heavensturn for January 5

It's almost time for a new year to arrive in Final Fantasy XIV (also, the real world) once again. The key difference is that...

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v5.0

It has been another thrilling year of exploring the relatively unknown or forgotten lands of MMORPG history here in The Game Archaeologist. From projects...

City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server kicks off the Fright Before Christmas event, adds ice power changes and new customizations

While the Rebirth rogue servers for City of Heroes might not garner all of the attention, they're still no less busy in terms of...

Conan Exiles’ latest update stops indoor rain, adds point of interest protection, and starts the Grave Matters event

The point of having four walls and a roof in a survival game is to keep the rain outdoors, but players of Conan Exiles...

Fallout 76 shows off the Night of the Moth gameplay

We hate to break it to the Fallout 76 devs, but Halloween 2021 is kind of done and over at this point. So it...

The Stream Team: Securing spooky space squash in Astroneer

Fall fun isn't only for terrestrials! There's plenty about the season to enjoy in space, especially when EXO Dynamics is involved. Massively OP's MJ...

The Daily Grind: What do you think about MMO festival reprises?

One habit that Lord of the Rings Online likes to do is bring back its festivals out of season for a "reprise" -- a...

Villagers and Heroes looks at a level cap increase and home decoration

This past year, we've been a little concerned about Villagers and Heroes. The cross-platform MMO, which boasts a lot of fun features, has gone...
Chop chop.

Final Fantasy XIV clarifies the timetable for events in the wake of the Endwalker delay

The events taking place in Final Fantasy XIV right now were kind of predicated on the belief that the game's next expansion would be released...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Richard Garriott and Starr Long grant community awards and show off decor items

Recently the devs of Shroud of the Avatar came together in a livestream to talk up the game, give away prizes, and more importantly...

One Shots: Double double the firepower

As we all know, while one weapon is good, it's never as good as two. Preferably you'd want to have three or four going,...

The Stream Team: More Mad King in Guild Wars 2

It's November you say? Well the Mad King cares not about your calendar! He's still on hand for the seasonal fun in GW2. That...

The Stream Team: Mogloween and a masquerade ball in AdventureQuest 3D

It has been far too long since Massively OP's MJ has been able to enjoy some AQ3D. But no matter what is going on,...

The Stream Team: Haunted Halloween Hobbits in LOTRO

Two great things that go great together: Hobbits and Halloween! Both are already awesome, and they go even better together. Massively OP's MJ is...

The Daily Grind: How often do you make it through the first month of a new MMO?

If you don't read MMO-related subreddits, you might not be aware that the folks coming in on the daily to insist that New World...

The Stream Team: Plucking the Crow in Elder Scrolls Online’s Witches Festival

What the pluck? We're going to be plucking crows? Well alrighty then! This year's Witches Festival in ESO includes a new daily quest, Plucking...

The Stream Team: Black cats and witches in Star Trek Online

Black cats and Halloween are two of Massively OP's MJ's favorite things! And now STO has joined them together in a new holiday TFO...