head start

The Stream Team: Heading into Maplestory 2’s head start

Would Massively OP's MJ be interested in MapleStory 2? With a Ducky Rickshaw reward for preregistering, you better believe it! She really doesn't know...

Zombie-fighting title Fortnite announces deluxe box edition

When we were kids, we honed our fort-making skills with pillows, couch cushions, blankets, and other impregnable materials. Those skills will come in handy...

The Stream Team: Atlas Reactor’s head start

Atlas Reactor launches tomorrow, but the head start is in full swing now. MassivelyOP's MJ is diving in to play a few matches before...
So... you guys wanna party?

Neverwinter launches head start access on the PlayStation 4

You can play Neverwinter on your computer. You can play Neverwinter on your Xbox. But can you play it on your PlayStation 4? As...

The Stream Team: Digging into Riders of Icarus’ cash shop

The beta doors of Riders of Icarus won't swing open for everyone until next week, but MassivelyOP's MJ is heading in to the headstart....

The Stream Team: Trailblazing Landmark’s head start

Landmark may not officially launch for two more days, but as a Trailblazer founder, MassivelyOP's MJ gets to to take part in the head...

The Stream Team: Launching into Black Desert for real

The time has finally come: Black Desert has launched. At least the head start has. That means anything MassivelyOP's MJ does from here on...

The Stream Team: Heading into Devilian’s head start

So what if MassivelyOP's MJ will be stuck in airports and on planes on Devilian's launch day? She's got a head start to start...

Sword Coast Legends delays its launch again

Following a head start test this past weekend, Sword Coast Legends decided to move its PC and Mac launch date from September 29th to October 20th. Director...

Sword Coast Legends hosts head-start event this weekend

Players eager to jump into Sword Coast Legends won't necessarily have to wait for the game's launch on September 29th. The game is hosting...
Uh, no.

Pathfinder Online launches head start access on April 1st

Early Enrollment players are now playing Pathfinder Online. Explorer Enrollment players, too. Starting on April 1st, Head Start players from the game's second Kickstarter...