Here we go now.

Headstart begins today for Defiance 2050

The time has come for Defiance 2050 to enter the wild... in a limited sense. Head start access begins today, although the general "anyone...

The Stream Team: The headstart launch of Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends' NDA has finally dropped -- probably because it has just launched its headstart for The Secret World owners! And as a...

Zombie-fighting title Fortnite announces deluxe box edition

When we were kids, we honed our fort-making skills with pillows, couch cushions, blankets, and other impregnable materials. Those skills will come in handy...
Head from the start.

Guardians of Ember headstart access begins today

Sometimes you want to play a game that offers you nuanced morality and a careful examination of your place in the universe. Other times,...

The Stream Team: Digging into Riders of Icarus’ cash shop

The beta doors of Riders of Icarus won't swing open for everyone until next week, but MassivelyOP's MJ is heading in to the headstart....
Meet the new boss.

Riders of Icarus releases ‘Adversaries’ trailer ahead of Wednesday’s headstart

Nexon has released a brand-new Riders of Icarus trailer this morning, this one spotlighting the heroes and villains of the game, with gameplay snippets...
Black Desert

The Daily Grind: If an MMO has a cash shop, when should it launch?

Massively OP reader Leiloni pointed out to us something unusual about Black Desert: Its much-talked-about cash shop wasn't originally going to open until March 10th,...

Daum compensates Black Desert players for headstart server mixup

A goof-up on the Black Desert headstart servers over the weekend saw some North American players unintentionally placed on the wrong servers, and Daum...
Egi me on.

Leaderboard: Are you playing Blade & Soul?

Blade & Soul formally launches in the west next week, with its headstart period for preorder buyers opening up today. MMORPG players talk a...

The Stream Team: Blade & Soul’s headstart

Although Blade & Soul doesn't officially launch until the 19th, the headstart begins today. And that means MassivelyOP's MJ gets to jump in and...