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Massively Overthinking: What are your favorite MMO ‘chores’?

A few months ago, The Outline ran a piece on Red Dead Redemption 2 titled I don't wanna do my video games chores, and...
We know what we know.

Massively Overthinking: Is there a ‘do or die’ moment for MMOs now?

This week MOP's Eliot and I were chatting about the wild summer the MMO industry is about to have, what with a whole bunch...
We'll find it eventually.

No Man’s Sky has a community devoted to transportation via black holes

In real life, as near as we can tell from the science, the only place you get transported to when you enter a black...

The MOP Up: Grab your Harry Potter nickname now!

When Harry Potter: Wizards Unite arrives later this year, by which name will you be known and feared? Lord Scooby? Mr. Cheddar? Fluffybutticus? The...

No Man’s Sky Beyond will include free virtual reality support this summer

Earlier this month, we learned that Hello Games still has huge ambitions for No Man's Sky; it's planning to turn the game into a...
Here we are.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 212: Harry Potter, progression servers, and No MMO’s Sky

Justin and Bree discuss the Harry Potter mobile MMOARG; progression servers for RIFT, LOTRO, and EverQuest; No Man's Sky's MMO ambitions; WoW 8.1.5; Blade & Soul's next big thing; and The Division 2's sleepy launch. With reader mail on factional divides, the death of playable races, and staying healthy while gaming.

Global Chat: Parting ways with Cryptic’s Foundry

It's a sad and regrettable situation for Cryptic to be closing one of its most unique features -- and in two games, no less....
Here we are.

No Man’s Sky is planning its major Beyond update for the summer with online play

We've been covering No Man's Sky for a long while here, first because the game was supposed to have a multiplayer component and then...

Steam lists Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert, and Warframe among 2018’s best sellers

While not technically an awards show, Steam's "Best of 2018" page effectively serves as one as it looks at the best-selling and most-played titles...

No Man’s Sky multiplayer finally hits beta for GOG players

No Man's Sky took its place in the hierarchy of multiplayer titles - even MMOs, one might argue - this year with the addition...

No Man’s Sky’s Visions update introduces strange and deadly planets and biomes, new activities, and more

It's been less than a month since the release of No Man's Sky's last major content update, The Abyss, but the folks at Hello...

The Abyss sends No Man’s Sky players to the bottom of the ocean

The next major update for No Man's Sky has arrived, and it's deep. It's really deep. It's deep because its whole thing is about...

No Man’s Sky announces new update, The Abyss, releasing next week

It's only been a couple of months since the release of No Man's Sky's last named update, NEXT, but it looks like the folks...

No Man’s Sky kicks off its first official community event

No Man's Sky didn't just expand into persistent multiplayer with its NEXT update but also laid down the foundation for regular community events to...

No Man’s Sky works on fixing save game issues, adds archaeology missions

While it's not officially here yet, No Man's Sky's newest patch is making its way through the experimental test server and promises to shore...

One Shots: Sunspears attack!

Which MMO has aged the best in terms of its graphics? While some games have enjoyed the benefits of visual upgrades, I have to...

SuperData July 2018: Fortnite is peaking, League of Legends is bested, Overwatch is slipping

"Fortnite’s peak may be behind us," SuperData asserts in its report on July 2018's global video game revenues. "Fortnite revenue is up only 2%...

The Daily Grind: Do you have an MMO backlog, and if so, what’s on it?

If you follow the mainstream gaming media meta at all, you've probably noticed that a lot of sites, spurred on by Polygon, have been mulling...

Global Chat: Is it worth your time to alpha test MMOs?

Taugrim raises a very interesting question this week on his blog. Namely, is it really worth your time to alpha test MMOs these days?...
Mean elf.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 181: Some devs just want to watch the world tree burn

Justin and Bree discuss World of Warcraft's lore drama, Star Citizen's stockpiling controversy, DDO's new expansion, Riot's MMO tease, Albion's Merlyn, and TESO's DLC, with mailbag entry on the Horde impact and SC's pay-to-win.