hero’s song

Official Site: Hero’s Song
Studio: Pixelmage Games
Launch Date: Planned for October 2016
Genre: Open-world online sandbox action roguelike RPG
Business Model: Pure B2P with expansions (No Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Smed’s Hero’s Song enters alpha 3 for backers

Hero's Song's alpha 3 kicked off yesterday as promised during its Indiegogo campaign, opening up to early backers. "We've automatically upgraded everyone who...

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Hero’s Song schedules alpha launch for next Monday, followed by early access in November

While Hero's Song might not have raised as much money with its recent Indiegogo campaign as the studio hoped, players who did...

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Hero’s Song on what to expect from next week’s backer alpha

John Smedley's enthusiasm for his indie MMOARPG Hero's Song hasn't faltered -- Pixelmage Games gets to keep the $94,231 raised...

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Smed adds family inheritance to Hero’s Song’s to-do list

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Smed’s Hero’s Song Indiegogo is down to its last hours

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John Smedley says he exults in hands-on gamemaking with Hero’s Song

You might think that trading a position as CEO of a multi-game studio to work on a single, smaller, and most decidedly indie title...

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Hero’s Song updates Indiegogo backers on funding, AI, and Steam

Hero's Song's Indiegogo update today reveals how far the game has come, both in terms of its finances and its design. "We're hard...

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