Riot Games claims it made headway into diversity efforts over 2020

Ever since Riot Games was called out by its own employees and the state of California as a truly toxic and sexist workplace, the...

MMO company Perfect World Entertainment is working on a new game according to hiring post

So what does Perfect World Entertainment have in the works right now? We don't know, but it appears to be something new happening. A new...
Popcorn appropriately.

Blizzard puts out new job calls for unannounced multiplayer projects

We're back with another bit of pondering and theorycrafting spawned by game dev job postings. This time we're looking at Blizzard's careers site, which...

Blizzard is definitely working on a Warcraft mobile game, studio artist says

2020's deficiencies have continued to spill into 2021, so we'll let it slide if you've forgotten that just two and a half weeks ago,...
Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

Cryptic is hiring (again?) for its Magic: the Gathering MMO

The Cryptic-developed MMO based on Magic: the Gathering has entered several periods of long silence from the studio, but the latest post about hiring...

LFM: Massively Overpowered is hiring columnists and freelancers

Massively OP has a crack news team and clever columnists, but our team has always been wee and can't possibly cover the whole genre given how big it's grown lately. Let's fix that! We're on the hunt for some MMO specialists to join our crew and pump out solid content for our readers, especially in areas where we're lacking. Here's exactly what we're looking for:

Visionary Realms is hiring more staff to develop throwback MMORPG Pantheon

Good news for fans of old-school development or those looking for a career in that field, as Visionary Realms is hiring once again. While...

Camelot Unchained is opening a second studio in Seattle

Camelot Unchained is opening a new studio in Seattle. On Twitch this afternoon, CSE studio founder Mark Jacobs told viewers that the second studio will...

Turbine puts out a call for a mobile animator

Here at Massively OP we never enjoy posting notices about layoffs and closures. One of the things we often discuss behind the scenes is...
So that's why this game is like that!

Cryptic Studios is hiring MMORPG producers

It's not uncommon to see calls for engineers, programmers, and even artists for MMORPGs, but it's producers that Cryptic Studios is seeking, according to...
Why do you build me up, Buttercup, baby, just to let me down and mess me around?

NCsoft is hiring for a new shooter project

If you were kind of sad when NCsoft shut down development on Project HON back in March, today's news is going to hit you...

NCsoft names California mobile studio ‘Iron Tiger’

Last spring, NCsoft made known its plans to focus heavily on western investment and iterate on its existing franchises. Those plans included a new...