A Tale in the Desert reboots into Tale 7 on September 11th

We've known for a little while that A Tale in the Desert's next "telling" was on its way, but now we have firmer details...

The Stream Team: Supporting pyromania in World of Warships

Sailing. Setting things on fire. Sinking ships. What's not to like about World of Warships? MassivelyOP's MJ enjoys causing explosions -- especially when it's...

British tanks are coming to War Thunder

Did you know that War Thunder is a flight sim with tanks? You probably did, because you're pretty smart. Did you know that British...

Dark Age of Camelot’s Otherworlds campaign moves into Chapter 2

The multi-month Otherworlds campaign in Dark Age of Camelot is pressing forward, with Chapter 2 unlocking today. To play Chapter 2, players are required to...

World of Tanks is now rolling on XBox One

As of today, XBox One owners can jump into beautifully recreated WWII armored vehicles and blow their enemies to smithereens: World of Tanks has...

Massively OP Podcast: Episode 23

Justin and Bree discuss Smed's resignation, Project Gorgon, Guild Wars 2's Tempest, Camelot's tribute, SWTOR's Togrutas, and WildStar's stat overhaul, with a buncha mailbag questions on Marvel Heroes.

War Thunder exec fired after pressuring YouTuber to sign contract

A heated exchange between one avid War Thunder YouTuber and the game's producer has seemingly resulted in the producer losing his job for overreaching...

World of Warplanes kicks off its Furiously Flying competition

Think you're a hotshot World of Warplanes pilot? You can prove it starting today via Wargaming's Furiously Flying Competition. The challenge involves earning as...

MMO Burnout: Why I want an Assassin’s Creed MMO

I play a fair amount of single-player stuff when I'm not playing MMOs, and at the risk of outing myself as one of those...

Dark Age of Camelot pays tribute to player’s terminally ill son

Players who've logged into Dark Age of Camelot since yesterday will have met a stylish new NPC in the Mularn, Cotswold, and Mag Mell, as Broadsword...
So, yes, boat.

World of Warships highlights the in-game functionality of signal flags

In the real world, ships started making use of signal flags as a method of communication because it's easier to fly a flag than...

Crossout is some sort of post-apoc vehicular MMO from Gaijin

Have you heard of Crossout? Me neither. Well, actually of course I've heard of it now, but I hadn't heard of it prior to...

Mark Jacobs explains Camelot Unchained’s beta delay, confirms game title [Updated]

Camelot Unchained's Mark Jacobs has admitted to backers today that the first round of CU's beta, originally planned for August, will be delayed. Jacobs has...

World of Tanks puts tanks on the moon with Lunar Mode

Look away from Pluto for five seconds because we're approaching another big astronomy milestone: the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Wargaming...

World of Tanks’ 9.9 is live, and so is this highlight video

Wargaming has released World of Tanks version 9.9, and the firm has also released a five-minute video diary that's designed to bring you up...

War Thunder offers 11-part video tutorial series

War Thunder's combined arms approach to virtual warfare may be a little overwhelming for new players. But fortunately there's an 11-part video boot camp...
Slightly too on-point, perhaps.

Guild Wars 2 confirms the last Revenant legend is Shiro Tagachi

Revenants have proven very capable of inflicting conditions with demonic legends, being defensive with dwarven legends, and healing their allies with centaur legends. It's certainly...

The Stream Team: Sinking battleships in World of Warships

There's nothing like sailing the virtual seas in a historically accurate battleship -- except sinking someone else's historically accurate battleship, that is! MassivelyOP's MJ...

Raph Koster: Crowfall ‘can feel more like a living world’

ArtCraft's Raph Koster is the star witness of an in-depth interview in which he discusses the development of Crowfall using the perspective of his...

Dark Age of Camelot patched to 1.118 today

Dark Age of Camelot got a new patch today. Version 1.118 allows players to form groups quicker thanks to some tweaks to the casual...