It's so clear now that you are all that I have.

Check out the final product of the Final Fantasy XI community memories

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, and you may recall that the game's fans took the time to assemble an...
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The Daily Grind: How long does it take you to get attached to an MMO?

As the current author of our Choose My Adventure column, I was going to open this off by saying that a month isn't really...
You made it sing, all right.

The US government is considering DMCA exceptions for archived online games after all

Back in 2015, an exception was made to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to allow for archival of aging video games that were otherwise...

The Daily Grind: Do veteran gamers help or hurt MMOs?

You may recall that just yesterday, Justin was asking whether dinosaurs help or hurt MMOs. When I first saw the topic, though, my assumption...
More of this story, please.

The Daily Grind: What are acceptable barriers to experience the story in an MMO?

One of the things that strikes me with a certain degree of bemusement is how often various bits of story in Guild Wars 2...
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Learn about the history of the Crystal Desert for Guild Wars 2’s future

The focal point of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will be Elona and the Crystal Desert. Do you not know what the Crystal...
It's so clear now that you are all that I have.

The Daily Grind: How do you feel your first MMO influences your current playstyle?

I can tell you what my observations have been about how people act based on their first MMO, but I can only guess at...

Pantheon’s Brad McQuaid elaborates on designing for an audience

Did you know that Brad McQuaid's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is not meant to be for everyone? Probably, because the game sort of...
Stepping back across time.

How I got married through World of Warcraft

I've mentioned a lot of times, in passing, how my wife and I connected in part through World of Warcraft. But I've never actually...
Really studying the heck out of a skull.

Datamining generates World of Warcraft expansion rumors

Players have datamined a bit out of World of Warcraft's most recent test realm patch that hints at the destination of the next expansion, with...
A trial.

Watch a documentary on the creation and destruction of Final Fantasy XIV

The end of Final Fantasy XIV came quite some time ago, but the game is still going. That's because the launch of the game's...

Habitat is back online in a museum

If you're not familiar with Habitat, that's understandable, but you can catch up on the history of the title with our own column on...
Where the 'hood at.

The Daily Grind: How many tries did it take you to get into your favorite MMOs?

I remember the first time I ever launched City of Heroes. I fired it up, made a character, started the early tutorial... got bored,...
Homeward bound.

Working As Intended: Two decades of Elder Scrolls housing

Massively OP explores Elder Scrolls housing through the ages -- starting with Daggerfall, running through Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, and ending with Elder Scrolls Online's Homestead patch, live today.

EVE Evolved: Making stories with friends in EVE Online

It's one of the more peculiar laws of the universe that when enough EVE Online players meet in the real world, they absolutely must swap stories. You...
Yes, very good, that's a dingo.

Zul’jin joins the cast of Heroes of the Storm

As the Horde pushed north following the destruction of Stormwind, the Alliance dogged their forces and conspired to push them back. But the Horde...

Don’t miss The Game Archaeologist’s histories of Asheron’s Call

The impending loss of Asheron's Call -- and Asheron's Call 2 again -- hit the MMORPG community pretty hard when the sunsets were announced...
Free dome.

Neverwinter Nights Diamond is free for the next 48 hours

Look, let's make this very easy: Click along to GOG.com and go download Neverwinter Nights Diamond right now unless you're reading this on December...

Star Wars: The Old Republic provides backstory fiction for Knights of the Eternal Throne

Look, we don't want to spoil the ending of Star Wars: The Old Republic's last expansion story arc for you if you're still working...
Why must you disappoint hopes?

Wisdom of Nym: At the end of the world for Final Fantasy XIV

It's kind of weird to think about the fact that we just passed the four-year anniversary of the end of an era in Final...