holiday 2015

There are just a few more days left to enjoy DDO’s Festivult

As the holiday season and in-game events in most MMOs wind down, Festivult in Dungeons and Dragons Online is ticking to a close as well....

The Stream Team: EverQuest II’s exalting Frostfell experience

Last time, MassivelyOP's MJ shared one of her favorite Frostfell quests, the chain that leads into EQII's Icy Keep. Tonight she will complete the...

EverQuesting: A guide to EverQuest II’s Frostfell 2015

Ahh, 'tis the season: When goodies galore are hidden inside a magical closet and gigglegibber goblins give out gifts. Yes, it's Frostfell time! And...

Istaria celebrates its 12th anniversary with a patch

Istaria -- the MMO that will forever be linked to its former title of Horizons with any mention of it, making one wonder why the...

Retro-themed EverEmber Online launches today

Just because an MMO is launching in 2015 doesn't mean that it is necessarily some ultra-gorgeous, physics engine-happy affair. Sometimes games look to the...

Raptor Claus pays a special visit to ARK: Survival Evolved

"Now I have a machine gun-toting T-Rex. Ho ho ho." This might well be the holiday sentiment of ARK: Survival Evolved, especially now that it's...

LOTRO invites all to enjoy the warmth of its Yule Festival

Middle-earth's Winter-home is once again open for merriment and questing, as Lord of the Rings Online has brought back its Yule Festival for another...

Grab a WildStar Proto-Present Turret key from Carbine and MOP

In celebration of WildStar's Winterfest events, which just so happen to begin today, Carbine Studios has granted MOP keys for 20000 WildStar toys: the Proto-Present Turrets...

Help Anarchy Online’s leets save Christmas

The holidays are upon Anarchy Online and that means one thing: utter leet madness! Santaleets, elfleets, gift-wrapped leets, and gingerleets all need your help...

WildStar’s Winterfest Extravaganza starts on December 16

WildStar's twistedly funny -- consumer-saturated -- version of the holidays is coming next week to a server near you. The very first Protostar Gala Winterfest Extravaganza is...

Snowfest showers Trove in joy and presents

Ho, ho, holy moly, it's Snowfest in Trove! The holiday season is already upon this voxelbox, with plenty of presents and rewards to be earned...