an Elite: Dangerous DLC
the original name for Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted

Istaria adds new questline and icon revamp with Niesa’s Fate update

Istaria, which you might remember as Horizons way back in the day, has this week released Niesa's Fate, the 16.1 update for the dragon-encrusted...

EVE Evolved: CCP Games on the future of EVE Online’s PvE

It's no secret that EVE Online has always been a primarily PvP-focused game, with thousands of players smashing fleets of ships together on a daily basis....

Elite: Dangerous features in a new Oculus Rift trailer

A new Oculus trailer this week is intent on reminding everyone that Elite: Dangerous is indeed available on the Oculus Rift VR platform. "Frontier was...

Elite: Dangerous plans Q2 Horizons and Engineers rollout for Xbox One

Frontier Developments announced today that Elite: Dangerous' Horizons season/expansion catch-up patch is on the way for Xbox One this quarter -- including the 2.0...

Elite Dangerous works on experimental mods, traffic control, and better mission system

Never let it be said that Elite Dangerous isn't an ambitious title. Right now, Frontier has projects going on to benefit three versions of...

The beta for Elite: Dangerous’ long-awaited Engineers update arrives in May

Frontier has just announced the beta for Elite: Dangerous 2.1, better known as The Engineers, will open for beta access players the week of...
The club itself is not elite.

Elite: Dangerous launches Oculus Rift VR support on March 28

Remember back in January when Eurogamer reported that Elite: Dangerous was dropping its long-planned support for the Oculus Rift in favor of SteamVR even...
It's not particularly cruel.

Massively Overthinking: The curse of player-generated MMO content

The influx of new player-generated-content-oriented MMOs might make you think that PGC is on the rise, but if you've been around the genre for...

Elite: Dangerous delays full Horizons, Engineers launch ‘to push the quality up’

Financial documents released by Frontier yesterday were scooped up by eagle-eyed Redditors because they frame a revenue shift against a delay in the full and final release...

Perfect Ten: Ten weapons that should be in more MMOs

Swords, spears, axes, maces, and bows for fighters. Wands and fancy-looking staves for mages. Wolverine-style claws and double daggers for thieves. Some useless trinket...
It's like three games for the price of... well, actually, it's two games now.

Massively Overthinking: The Star Citizen money machine

Massively OP reader Ichi has posed us an interesting question. At the end of 2015, a lot of gamers, including some of our own...

One Shots: On a highway to Hell

The Secret World has needed awesome mounts since, oh, day one, and it does my heart good to see players rumble about on hogs,...

Elite: Dangerous changes how Horizons is sold, discusses patch 2.1’s focus

Are you confused about the process of upgrading from Elite: Dangerous to the Horizons expansion? Do you find it frustrating and unclear? Have you...
The final frontier indeed.

Take a look at what’s coming in Elite: Dangerous’ next major update

The team behind Elite: Dangerous has a history of putting lots of stuff in each big numbered patch. While there's no firm date on...

Alien life discovered in Elite Dangerous — and it’s not what you think

Ever since Elite Dangerous dropped its Horizons expansion and allowed players to land on planet surfaces, captains have been scouring the galaxy for interesting...

Elite: Dangerous has sold 1.4 million copies

After a solid year's worth of updates and the first pass of planetary landing mechanics, Elite: Dangerous has hit a grand total of 1.4...

Elite Dangerous outlines its 2016 content rollout plans

You might think it's the year 2016, but for Elite Dangerous players, the calendar has ticked over to 3302 and brings the promise of...

The Daily Grind: What MMO did you forget existed?

The other day we did a story on Istaria (aka Horizons) and I said to myself in an empty room, "Huh. That's still around?" I...

The Daily Grind: Would you play an animal in an MMO?

It's not every MMO that straight-up gives you the option to play as a run-of-the-mill animal (albeit one with human intelligence). Sure, there are...

Istaria celebrates its 12th anniversary with a patch

Istaria -- the MMO that will forever be linked to its former title of Horizons with any mention of it, making one wonder why the...