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Horse Quest Online might be the best equestrian MMO ever

Obviously y’all know that we here at the Massively OP offices are downright obsessed with all things horses. Eliot loves to braid their manes, MJ has trained a posse of foals to prance after her wherever she goes, Andrew has an inexplicably large pony trading card collection, and Bree gallops into work each day on an armor-clad charger named Princess Pwny.

So naturally we all get into heated debates over what’s the best game that combines MMOs and equestrian power. Horse World Online is an obvious contender, as is Star Stable. But the debate might be over effective immediately: Horse Quest Online is now out for mobile and it crushes all neighsayers in its adorable wake.

Unlike its contemporaries, Horse Quest Online actually lets you play as a horse in an MMO setting. Everypony can ride around in Maplewood forest to explore, level up, and solve its many mysteries. The game just came out today for iOS and released last month for Android. You can watch its winsome trailer after the break.

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Horse World Online gallops into our hearts

Clear the slate of your gaming plans for the near future, friends, because we’re here to tell you that your dream game has arrived: Horse World Online.

Blog Clean Casuals alerted us to the existence of Horse World Online, a browser-based horse breeding game in which players build up a farm, throw different types of horses together in the pastures, and, we don’t know, put on some Barry White or something. There is an incredible array of horse breeds available along with facts about each.

However, it’s not merely about making baby horses in an endless quest to produce pretty foals. Horse World Online also lets you race your beasts, enter them into competitions, and buy and sell them on the market. The game came out at the beginning of August and is free-to-play with various timers and an optional subscription.

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