Star Wars Galaxies Legends is launching a brand-new Wookiee treehouse for Life Day

When we were discussing our Best MMO Housing award last week, I joked to our team that I knew about an amazing housing addition...

Final Fantasy XIV restarts house demolitions on Chaos and Light following suspensions

If you play on Final Fantasy XIV's Chaos or Light data centers and have been enjoying your house, good news: You don't need to...

Villagers & Heroes Homestead expansion brings player housing interiors to the 2011 MMO

Long-running and much-beloved 2011 indie MMO Villagers & Heroes already kinda has housing - let's just state that upfront. It has housing villages where...

Villagers & Heroes will finally launch interior housing in early 2023

We haven't checked in on indie MMO Villagers & Heroes since its Halloween festivities, and truthfully our last hard looks at the game came...
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Final Fantasy XIV will turn house demolition back on next year

Normally, there's a system of house demolition in Final Fantasy XIV so players who do not visit their houses for an extended period of...

SWG Legends just announced farming, ranching, new houses, and the return of smuggler spice crafting

Maybe dropping a huge teaser for major new content is not the best thing to drop on Easter Sunday, but that's exactly what fan-run...

Vitae Aeternum: The rent in New World is too damn high!

The wonderful thing about video games is that they let you experience impossible things that could never happen in the real world. Like buying...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever felt robbed in an MMO?

The title of this Daily Grind can go in a lot of directions, can't it? We could be talking here about an actual thief...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most purposeful housing?

So this is a thing I've talked about before because I love me some MMORPG housing. Even a bad MMO with housing gets brownie...
Pack it in.

Legends of Aria details the process of moving house to the new merged Ethereal Moon server

Ready to pack it in and move servers in Legends of Aria? The new Ethereal Moon server beckons all players, but for players with houses...

SWG Legends teases new dances, flourishes, guild halls, houses, and Halloween

The SWG Legends rogue server of Star Wars Galaxies is ramping up for its October update, and what better way to show off the...

Torchlight Frontiers player releases online fort-planning tool – time to map out your base

One of the features that rocketed Torchlight Frontiers to the top of my watch list last year was the promise of a type of...
Better homes and/or gardens

Here’s how The Elder Scrolls Online’s new home-building tools work

Decorating houses in MMOs is serious business. It's extremely serious business. The Elder Scrolls Online knows this, which is why the recently released update...
It'd be nice.

Wisdom of Nym: Examining Final Fantasy XIV’s housing issues (other than availability)

When we talk about issues with Final Fantasy XIV's housing system, the first issue that's going to be brought up - invariably - is...

Revelation Online lets you build a brand-new seaside villa… when you clear the hardest raid

The good news for Revelation Online players is that a new seaside villa is added to the game, and it's a gorgeous private island...
Like this style.

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for Shirogane housing while halting house demolitions

Looking forward to picking up a house in Final Fantasy XIV's Shirogane housing district? The houses are planned to open up with the release...

Revelation Online’s housing moves in mysterious ways

Not all MMO player housing is built to the same blueprints, and Revelation Online's system has a few quirks that sets it apart. One of...

Lost Continent: ArcheAge Revelation’s fresh start servers aren’t doing newbies any favors

It’s been over a month now since ArcheAge’s massive update 3.0 went live, adding oodles of new content to Trion’s expansive fantasy sandbox. The...

Elder Scrolls Online’s furniture crafting guide will help you spiff up your Homestead house

If you watched Larry's and my stream on The Elder Scrolls Online's new Homestead patch last week, you probably heard us speculate on how...
Homeward bound.

Working As Intended: Two decades of Elder Scrolls housing

Massively OP explores Elder Scrolls housing through the ages -- starting with Daggerfall, running through Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, and ending with Elder Scrolls Online's Homestead patch, live today.