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Star Wars: The Old Republic prides itself on being a game with choices that matter. Fundamentally, one of...

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Like all other Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, I have been waiting for another expansion from

Hyperspace Beacon: Is SWTOR prepared for the Onslaught?

Welcome back to the Hyperspace Beacon. I have taken a much-needed break over this summer to come back to...

Hyperspace Beacon: Thoughts on SWTOR’s Dantooine Incursion update

Tuesday, Star Wars: The Old Republic released a new event update called the Dantooine Incursion. I played through the questlines on...

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For the last few weeks, my other job has either taken away my game time or just sucked the energy out of me so...

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My very first memory of Dantooine was surprisingly its first real appearance in a video game at all. Star Wars Galaxies imagined Dantooine...

Hyperspace Beacon: Why we’re excited about the SWTOR Onslaught announcement

Before the Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Cantina, millions of voices were crying out in terror: "We are never going to get...

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For the last couple of weeks, I've been able to re-experience Star Wars Galaxies. After eight years, I noticed that I might have...

Hyperspace Beacon: This is the toughest choice in Star Wars Galaxies Legends

I'm Larry, and I'm an altoholic. (Pauses for everyone to say "Hi, Larry.") The toughest part of any game for me is which class...

Hyperspace Beacon: Which Star Wars Galaxies emulator should I try first?

As a longtime Star Wars fan and former Star Wars Galaxies player, I've known there were plenty of emulators out there ripe for...

Hyperspace Beacon: The tale of Ood Bnar and his place in SWTOR

If you've not watched the "Choose My Alignment" livestreams that MJ and I have been doing over the last couple of years, then you've...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s year-end report card for 2018

Every year, I place Star Wars: The Old Republic on a scale and weigh it against the Bartle Taxonomy, giving the different aspects...

Hyperspace Beacon: First impressions of SWTOR 5.10 ‘Jedi Under Siege’

Faith in BioWare products has been waning as of late, but Star Wars: The Old Republic seemed to always maintain a core fan...

Hyperspace Beacon: Why PVPers are abandoning SWTOR – again

I don't usually like to jump into the PvE-v-PvP debate because no one wins, but I have started to see an exodus of PvPers...

Hyperspace Beacon: We have the Star Wars The Old Republic story all wrong

I have been buried in Star Wars: The Old Republic lore for about 8 years now, and it pains me to admit this,...

Hyperspace Beacon: Five things you need to do before SWTOR’s 5.10 update

Update 5.10 for Star Wars: The Old Republic is coming very soon, possibly next week, but more likely the week after. That's not...

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Since the launch of the game, guilds have been a real weakness for Star Wars: The Old Republic. For the longest time, I...

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As you all know, I like to roleplay in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In fact, creating characters and creating struggles for them...

Hyperspace Beacon: Obtaining the Masterwork armor in SWTOR Update 5.10

I'm torn on this new armor achievement system in Star Wars: The Old Republic. On the one hand, everyone can get the armor...

Hyperspace Beacon: Old characters, rumors, and nostalgia in Star Wars The Old Republic

I believe a game has hit an unusual place when players get nostalgicĀ pangs for a game within the game itself. We see that kind...