World of Warcraft will unlock Gnome Hunters before the expansion launch

World of Warcraft's next new race/class combination will be playable before Legion launches. Blizzard announced yesterday that players will be able...
Not surprising, still sad.

A day in the life of a Revival hunter

While the first pass of renovation kit revisions are in the bag, the most recent entry on Revival's site isn't really about...

Gnome Hunters will be a thing in WoW’s Legion

World of Warcraft's forthcoming Legion expansion will turn gnome Hunters into a thing. And by a thing, I meant gnomes who are Hunters...
I made this!

WoW preps patch 6.2.3, teases Gnome Hunters

Ready to timewalk back to the days of World of Warcraft's third expansion? Or are you just looking forward to being able to...
Not actually my character.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO character for PvP?

I've been spending my gaming time lately PvPing in Guild Wars 2 in an attempt to reinkindle my old obsession with World of...

Perfect Ten: My favorite MMO pet classes

Most folks have certain class traits that appeal to them. Some love being that long-range archer sniper, while others get juiced on the feeling of...