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Vitae Aeternum: The hits and misses of New World’s summer update

Last week saw the release of New World's big summer update, including an extensive music system, the Medleyfaire event, and various endgame tweaks. This...
Demon Hunters HATE this holiday

World of Warcraft is bringing in Free T-Shirt Day as a micro-holiday in patch 8.1.5

If you're not happy with the state of World of Warcraft at the moment, perhaps what would change your mind areĀ free shirts. It couldn't...
Oh no son.

The Daily Grind: What’s the worst fit for a seasonal event for an MMO?

Let's be real here, I am a sucker for Halloween. It's my favorite holiday, so you would think I was over the moon about...

Star Trek Online celebrates First Contact Day starting on April 5

It's always nice when in-game events reference events that would matter a great deal to residents of that world even if they mean little...

Kritika Online patches in a Lunar New Year celebration

It's time for a celebration in Kritika Online because it's the Lunar New Year! And as you can probably guess, the celebration centers around...
This is new, this is new, this is new.

Star Trek Online braces for a mirror universe invasion on consoles

The Mirror Universe has been a persistent enemy in Star Trek Online since the earliest days of the game, because it sure is helpful...
Domestic rampage!

Closers rings in the new year with the Rampage Cube

Welcome to the new year, Closers fans! Have a Rampage Cube! What's a Rampage Cube? It's a big challenging... cube. Full of rampages. Look,...
Very dynamic.

SWTOR’s double event won’t make today’s 5.6 patch (but the trailer is now live!)

The bad news is that the Star Wars: The Old Republic double event has been pushed back slightly. It was supposed to start today,...
Not scary any more.

Final Fantasy XI prepares for a spooky harvest festival

You honestly can't scare Final Fantasy XI players with anything short of a shutdown notice at this point, so if you were hoping for...

MechWarrior Online integrates special events with its newest patch

If you played BattleTech around the table before jumping into MechWarrior Online, you're probably familiar with the "IIc" designation attached to certain 'Mechs, marking...

Final Fantasy XIV celebrates another anniversary with The Rising

Once more, a year has passed in Final Fantasy XIV, and once more the Wandering Minstrel is back around to prompt adventurers to join...

EverQuesting: EverQuest II wins big with Beast’r Egg event

Did you participate in EverQuest II's Beast'r Egg hunt live event this past week? If not, I'm sorry to say you missed your chance;...

Hearthstone’s upcoming season will see ‘mammoth’ celebrations

As soon as Hearthstone players start trampling through Un'goro Crater (metaphorically), the Year of the Kraken will end. It'll be time for the Year...
For me? Or someone.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Starlight Celebration on December 15

It's that time of year when the snow begins to fall once more... except it's definitely not snowing in Ul'dah. It's far too warm...
Cool, I suppose.

EverQuest II celebrates a new Frostfell event with double the reward items

Christmas time is here in the real world, and while we're decorating trees and decking halls, it's important that we get our winter holiday...

The Stream Team: Halloween night in The Secret World

No game is better made for a holiday like The Secret World is for Halloween; Massively OP's MJ has been waiting all year to...
This guy, dudes.

The Daily Grind: When should holiday events in MMOs be ‘finished’?

The holiday events in Final Fantasy XI are done. They still run, of course; around the same time every year, bang! Holiday event arrives...

The Stream Team: Hobbits invade Lord of the Rings Online’s haunted burrow

Why stick with haunted houses when you can have a haunted burrow? LOTRO's Halloween celebration includes dark and twisty tunnels that run beneath Bag...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Shade’s Eve in WildStar

Halloween season 2016 is getting in full swing, and that means that Shade's Eve is back in WildStar! Of course Massively OP's MJ can't...

The Stream Team: A Nights of the Dead killing spree in EverQuest II

Of all the Halloween events, EverQuest II's Nights of the Dead is a favorite of Massively OP's MJ. It might have something to do...