in-game events

This is... you know.

All Saints’ Wake returns to Final Fantasy XIV

It's time once again for the residents of Eorzea to accept the somewhat horrifying antics of voidsent pranksters because All Saint's Wake has arrived...
This guy, dudes.

World of Warcraft prepares for its annual Halloween event

It's the most wonderful time of the year, everyone. No, not December; it's October and a month full of Halloween-related festivities. World of Warcraft...
The rarest resource of all is body coverage for women, and they seek to steal it.

TERA holds a week-long piratical event

Talk Like a Pirate Day, for those of you unfamiliar with the point, is the day of the year when it's entirely appropriate to...
Hooray, we won and that means all problems are solved forever!

Skyforge gets invaded by robots, expands the Ascension Atlas, and holds a race

The world of Aelion in Skyforge can't stop being invaded for two minutes, it seems. Mechanoids are invading, and you know that means smashing...
Oh noes

Guild Wars 2 hints at an event and starts a guild recruitment drive

The first Guild Wars 2 expansion is coming shortly, and players are going to have something to do before the expansion hits. The official...

The Stream Team: City festival fun in EverQuest II

The first week of every month EverQuest II brings back one of the six city festivals. This month, it's Neriak's turn, and MassivelyOP's MJ...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its anniversary event

It's been just about two years since Final Fantasy XIV relaunched and surprised more or less everyone by being an enormous success story. Not...
Are you not entertained?

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s events, anniversaries, and content

I don't know whether we're actually going to have a proper two-year anniversary event in Final Fantasy XIV. It feels very strange to say...
So that's why this game is like that!

Champions Online overhauls events and offers sales

Events are the real thing to do at this point in Champions Online; there's not a whole lot of new updates in the pipe...

Chaos Theory: A whole summer of The Secret World’s player-run events

What's up in The Secret World? I'm glad you asked! If you're one of those folks who are not-quite-so-patiently awaiting the launch of the...
I am fairly certain that fairness due to gear parity was a point that got tossed around for this game, although I cannot find a good source for that at the moment, so I may be incorrect.

Albion Online brings its summer test to a close with a war

Bad news for Albion Online fans who have been enjoying this summer test phase: It ends tonight. The bright side is that if you're...
Cats are cats all over.

RuneScape offers new cat companions to highlight the World Wildlife Fund

Are big cats important to you while but not quite important enough to make you log out of RuneScape? Then the game's latest charity...
It's not particularly cruel.

Neverwinter’s Summer Festival returns

In the mood for some summer fun that doesn't actually involve leaving the house to go participate in any summer fun? Why not just...

Chaos Theory: Guide to The Secret World’s third anniversary celebration

Are you ready to party? Because it's birthday time! The Secret World is celebrating its third year, and you're invited to a two-week bash...

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a resurgence of rakghouls

Well, Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, we've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that another upswing in rakghoul activity...
Yes, in this case it's appropriate to break things with gusto.

Trove plans a stress test event to celebrate the end of beta

Trove is really leaving beta for real, and to celebrate, the developers want players to break the servers tomorrow. If necessary. Ideally, the servers...

The Stream Team: Double trouble in SWTOR’s Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event

You know those times you ask for something that you may regret getting? Well now just might one such time as MassivelyOP's MJ and...

The Stream Team: ArcheAge’s barrel racing

It can certainly be a stretch to come up with new seasonal events, but ArcheAge has added one for the summer that could either...

Heroes of the Storm gears up for launch with double XP, launch streaming, and Blizzard brawling

Are you ready for Heroes of the Storm to launch? It is launching, tomorrow, and there's a lot of stuff going along with that...
What a shock.

Star Wars: The Old Republic brings back the Relics of the Gree

Greetings, black bisector! Or blue acute or yellow nonagon or argyle sinewave; we're not actually very good at the whole Gree dialogue thing. What...