ArcheAge is turning four years old in the west with events and a fun infographic

ArcheAge has made it to four years here in the west, and Trion has big plans - including an event and a sub sale...

Destiny 2’s Forsaken DLC is officially live today – are you going back?

It's happening! Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion is rolling out today - right as this post goes live, in fact, at 1 p.m. EDT and...

Guild Wars 2 turns six with a new video and infographic – and a huge nostalgic tease

It's birthday day for Guild Wars 2, which means a recappy infographic and trailer, but don't think it's just about looking back: In fact,...

Gamescom 2018: MapleStory 2 sets October 10 launch date

Some players are bursting at the seams to take MapleStory to the next level -- and the next dimension. Fortunately, the wait for them...

Gamescom 2018: Blizzard’s Overwatch D.Va animated short and Busan map, Diablo comic, and Hearthstone Puzzle Lab

Blizzard's been busy at Gamescom this year. As promised, the studio delivered the Overwatch goods bright and early this morning for the Cologne audience:...

Fortnite: Pollsters and academics examine purchases, pay-to-win, and motivation vs. addiction

Remember the old adage that less than 10% of a free-to-play playerbase pay for the other 90%? A poll conducted by LendEDU and Pollfish...

Neverwinter counts 18M players as it celebrates its fifth birthday

Eighteen million! No, that's not how many dollars you've dumped into your Steam account; that's just about how many people have played Neverwinter in...

Dauntless has already seen over a million characters rolled in its open beta

If you were worried that Dauntless might be crushed under the weight of the Monster Hunter Online release, fear not. If anything, Monster Hunter's...

Get caught up on the Darkfall spinoffs as ex-Aventurine devs explain what happened to the original (and throw shade)

Unless you're a hardcore Darkfall player from way back in the day as MOP's Andrew was, you probably look at the sequels and spinoffs...

Overwatch climbs to 40 million players on its second birthday but won’t comment on a sequel

Blizzard isn't being shy about touting Overwatch on its second birthday. Not one bit. And you know what birthdays call for in the games...

Grab a key for Wild Terra ahead of the holiday weekend courtesy of Juvty and MOP

Itching for something to play this Memorial Day weekend? How about Wild Terra? The isometric sandbox recently celebrated the first anniversary of its release with...

The MOP Up: Old School RuneScape puts the finishing touches on Theater of Blood (May 20, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Conan Exiles has officially launched with 1M copies sold to date and a huge day-one patch

Funcom's survivalbox Conan Exiles has officially shed early access and entered final launch as of today - that's on PC, PS4, and Xbox One...

Interview: ArcheAge 4.5 Legends Return launches April 5th with dragon taming and fresh start servers

If I were to tell you that ArcheAge's next big update is launching next month, you'd tell me that it's too soon. And we'd...

Black Desert celebrates two years and three million players in the west

Black Desert isn't content to celebrate its second western anniversary with just an in-game event and some free stuff, oh no. Today it's rolled...

Dauntless details its closed beta by the numbers

As Phoenix Labs powers toward Dauntless' open beta later this year, it took a few minutes to tally up some Big Numbers from its...

332,000 pirates board Sea of Thieves’ closed beta

It turns out that not only were players excited to jump into the role of pirates-to-be for Sea of Thieves' closed beta last month,...

SMITE 5.1 is a virtual do-over for the Conquest map

SMITE's massive 5.1 patch is live today on PC, complete with the heavily overhauled and graphically updated Conquest map. There's a new tutorial for...

MMO players have laid claim to 12% of the Life is Feudal world to date

While Life is Feudal MMO has existed for only 10 days on Steam early access, players have been testing the online title for considerably...
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Star Trek Online claims 5.2M players over its lifespan

If you haven't noticed, this month marks Star Trek Online's eight-year anniversary. There have been plenty of giveaways and events going on in the...