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Ashes of Creation shows off alpha progress and a four-winged falcon

Intrepid Studios, the creative force behind the fantasy MMO Ashes of Creation, is taking bold strides forward in communication this year. Following
All those darn crows refuse to stay airborne.

Fight or Kite: MMO PvP needs to be memorable or it’s not worth the bother

The best combat-related moments I’ve had in gaming were always surprising feats or wild encounters with other players. They weren’t always victories, but those...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 254: New year mysteries

Justin and Bree discuss Ashes of Creation, Camelot Unchained, Guild Wars, the Bless franchise, City of Heroes, LOTRO, SWG Legends, and The Witcher, with mailbag topics on CoH on console, PlanetSide's mismanagement, and a celebratory haiku that prompts some follow-up site discussion!

Ashes of Creation’s 2020 outlook includes Alpha One, castle sieges

Promising "exciting announcements" and "significant team growth" in the new year, Intrepid Studios' Steven Sharif penned a letter that attempts to wrest attention...

Fight or Kite: Totally reasonable expectations for PvP MMORPGs in 2020

A new year is upon us, and I am especially excited this time around. The past few calendar swap-outs have been pretty stale from...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2019

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's weekly and sometimes biweekly recap of the big news in crowdfunded MMOs. Hey,...

Ashes of Creation addresses Siege Mode, Node dev, and 5000-bot test battles

Yesterday saw another Ashes of Creation livestream with several devs offering a general rundown of progress. The broadcast touched on a pretty wide...

Battle Bards Episode 158: Winter returns

Do you feel a little… frozen this winter season? Winter is something amazing to behold, especially when video game composers attempt to capture its unique magic...

Ashes of Creation’s cash shop nods to Game of Thrones as Apocalypse continues to lose players

Baby it's cold outside, but you can still dress up nice and fancy for the cold in Ashes of Creation with this month's...
bears, bears, beaaaaaars

Ashes of Creation revels in the majesty, the lore, and the creation of the Beer Bear mount

Ashes of Creation seems to really be in love with this particular mount they've made. It's a bear mount. A bear mount with...

Ashes of Creation highlights work on castle sieges in its latest devstream

Yes, castle siege mode in Ashes of Creation is still coming. The first half of the latest livestream from the Intrepid Studios...

Ashes of Creation shows off work on castle sieges, building destruction, and mounts in a livestream

This past Thursday saw a number of devs from Ashes of Creation provide updates and details on work being done on the MMORPG....

Massively Uplifting: Gamers and studios raise millions for Extra Life and other charities

Had enough of the tricks of October? How about some treats now that we're in November! Generous donations #forthekids were collected by gamers and...
Please love me again.

Fight or Kite: PvP games to play if you’re still boycotting Blizzard

The past couple of weeks in the land of Blizzard have made for a wild ride. Some of us have extremely strong feelings and...

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse just rolled out a much smaller PvP map for testing

Ashes of Creation's battle royale-cum-testing ground Apocalypse kicked out an update yesterday that, among other things, offers a new place for players to...

Perfect Ten: Kickstarter MMOs that raised the most money

The rise of crowdfunding in the mid-2010s swept a large wave of MMORPGs our way that might never have happened otherwise. For a while...

Fight or Kite: Impressions of Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, a solid fantasy battle royale nobody is playing

A mere fortnight ago, the team behind Ashes of Creation took its MMO combat testing ground known as Apocalypse and opened the doors...

Snag an Ashes of Creation Apocalypse Swordbrand Cloak from Intrepid and MOP

In celebration of the launch of Ashes of Creation's Apocalypse battle royale mode into early access, Intrepid Studios has granted Massively OP a...

Ashes of Creation explains how Apocalypse battle royale has brought about improvements to the MMO

This past Friday saw a developer livestream from the Ashes of Creation team with the aim of providing a bit more context on...
It brewing

Ashes of Creation’s Apocalypse hits early access today – are you trying it out?

Ashes of Creation’s Apocalypse battle royale title is officially launching into persistent early access today as planned. As it announced last week,...