The Guitar Hero rush hit us all.

The Daily Grind: Have you ever felt personally let down by an MMO?

MMOs are not my life. My interaction with them starts and stops with me as a player and a journalist. I evaluate them, I...
No, you don't get to be awful here.

Roblox secures another $150 million in funding

Consider this your regularly scheduled reminder that Roblox makes money and also serves as an attractive investment for making more money. Yes, the company...

EVE Evolved: What could the sale of CCP Games mean for EVE Online?

Just a few days ago, we awoke to news so unexpected that it made me check I hadn't time-traveled to April 1st: EVE Online...

Riot Games is scaling back some of its e-sports spending for League of Legends

You may not care for e-sports, but you can't deny that they bring in big money. Look at Riot Games, which has invested tons...

MMO business roundup: Virtual reality, Niantic, WoW emu hacking, and what Google’s up to

We've got some MMO industry topics you shouldn't miss, so welcome back to our MMO business roundup! • Last week, Pokemon Go company Niantic previewed...
Everyone shoots everyone else!

Data show that battle royale gamers tend to spend more money on games

So, how are battle royale fans different from any other sort of competitive gamer? A recent study put out by market intelligence firm Newzoo...

Black Desert’s Kakao Games enjoys $131.6 million in investment

It's all coming up Kakao Games these days. The Korean studio received a large investment package recently that totals $131.6 million. The bundle comes from...

You will go to the moon in Project Entropia – and own a slice for six bucks

Wanna own a part of a moon? Entropia Universe is putting one up for sale, and you can even play on it this year. "Arkadia...

Funcom gets $10.6M investment, signs deal to handle Conan and other RPG properties

Funcom's not quite done with Conan just yet, not by a long shot. The Conan Exiles studio announced today that it has signed a deal...

EVE Evolved: EVE Online’s CCP Games is gambling with the livelihoods of employees

Last week we broke the story that EVE Online developer CCP Games is backing out of the virtual reality games market, closing its Altanta...

Worlds Adrift dev Bossa Studios picks up $10M in investor funding

Worlds Adrift developer Bossa Studios just got a massive influx of cash - 10 million bucks - thanks to a Series A investment round...

Colony MMO Seed secures additional funding

Last week we reported that Klang Games is making an interesting-looking colony survival game called Seed that is utilizing SpatialOS to create this expansive...

Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss prepares IPO in Korea

Multiple Korean outlets are reporting that Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss is preparing an initial public offering and seeks a fall listing on the Korean stock...

Virtual world creator Improbable receives $502M investment from SoftBank

Here's another reminder that we really shouldn't take our eyes off of Improbable Worlds, even for a second. The five-year-old software company, which is...
Let the crows fall, let them tumble.

Crowfall crosses minimum goal for its equity crowdfunding effort

ArtCraft announced today day that it's "officially crossed the minimum necessary threshold" for its latest crowdfunding effort for Crowfall. It's now raised $152,084 with...

Worlds Adrift gets a huge injection of funding

Worlds Adrift is laying on the ground amid a carpet of cash and making money angels today as Bossa Studios has received an injection...
We're still going.

Funcom secures major private investments

If you're a fan of Funcom with a deep amount of concern for the company's long-term health, there's good news to be had today....
Das Tal get money for college

Das Tal’s investors give the game more funding

Those of us with a fondness for MMOs have had to learn exactly how expensive these games are over the past few years. The...

The Daily Grind: Should MMORPGs use Kickstarter as a promotional option?

One of Tuesday's big bits of news was that Hero's Song - John Smedley's big post-Daybreak project - was cancelling its Kickstarter. The announcement...
Things are fine.

Heavy Gear Assault’s development may be in trouble

Remember Heavy Gear Assault? Maybe not, but it was announced last year as a satisfyingly stomp-happy arena-based PvP game. It's in early access now,...