iron realms entertainment

Studio known primarily for MUDs and shows like Realms of Fightinge.

Starmourn, a new commercial MUD, is arriving in 2017

The DNA of MUDs is deeply entrenched in MMORPGs. It would be fair to say that games like MUDs, MUSHes, and the like led directly into the birth of the more modern genre. But it would be entirely unfair to say that the MUD has consequently ceased to exist. It’s 2016, and a new MUD, Starmourn, has been announced by Iron Realms Entertainment for release at some point next year.

At the moment, all that the game has on display is a trailer and a bit of concept art along with a nonfunctional Facebook page, but there’s more to come within the not-too-distant future, certainly. If you’re looking for a science fiction game to play and don’t mind having to form most of the graphics in your head, you ought to keep your eyes focused on the project as it develops further.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Michael for the tip!


Iron Realms creates user-friendly MUD client

It’s easy for the modern MMO gamer to be put off by multi-user dungeons (MUDs), what with their lack of graphical frills and their overabundance on pesky words. However, for a subset of gamers and developers, there’s still a very special magic that takes place in the realm of MUDs, and one company isn’t giving up on trying to draw in new players.

Iron Realms Entertainment has announced that it has developed a new HTML5 client to serve as a bridge between the text-based core of its MUDs and the modern graphical overlays gamers are used to seeing. The client works on PC browsers, on tablets, and conditionally on smaller devices as well.

“We’ve made it somewhat easier for new players to overcome the learning curve inherent in a text game so they can discover the truly deep and broad worlds that we’ve built,” Iron Realms said. The studio has a stable of five MUDs and has been in operation since 1997.