issue 14

The Stream Team: Lost in The Secret World’s labyrinth

Although MassivelyOP's MJ thought for sure she could finish The Secret World's Issue #14 last week, when she finally got through the maze of the...

The Stream Team: The a-mazing conclusion of The Secret World’s Issue #14

MassivelyOP's MJ has worked her way through the missions and puzzles of The Secret World's Issue #14, and she's almost at the end. All...

The Stream Team: Following the Issue #14 trail in The Secret World

Last time in The Secret World, MassivelyOP's MJ investigated the Aten cultists and their drilling to try to discover the cause of the earthquakes...

The Stream Team: To Ankh and back in The Secret World

Last time, MassivelyOP's MJ went back to Egypt to start the story of The Secret World's Issue #14, and she ended up facing a...

Chaos Theory: Is The Secret World best when binged?

Binge watching. You know the practice when it comes to your favorite shows, but what about your favorite games? While this certainly isn't the...

The Stream Team: Arabian tales in The Secret World’s Issue #14

What's that, you say? An new Secret World issue is live? Well, we know where to find MassivelyOP's MJ! Even though Egypt isn't her...

Chaos Theory: Tomb-raiding The Secret World’s Issue #14 with Funcom

Remember that Indiana Jones-inspired outfit from The Secret World's Issue #6? Today is a great day to dust it off and slip it on because...

The Secret World’s Issue 14 will be in Egypt, releases in March

Today's Streaming Ones dev livestream announced that The Secret World's Issue #14 will take place in the familiar sands of Egypt -- and that...

The Secret World increases membership rewards

Today's Streaming Ones dev livestream announced a big change coming to The Secret World's membership benefits in February. Game Director Romain “Tilty” Amiel emphasized...