two to the one to the one to the three

Bless Unleashed offers a compensation package for its final PC test event

The final PC testing period for Bless Unleashed offered some technical issues. This is not in and of itself a bad thing; the whole reason...
There are some gearing issues in GW2, but those are... different issues, let's leave it there.

Guild Wars 2 deals with disconnections and progress-killing bugs for its latest episode

Finally! You can play the newest episode of Guild Wars 2's Living Story! And by "play" we of course mean "attempt to play before...

Sea of Thieves servers buckle and break under a surge of would-be pirates

Whether you are personally playing it or not, there are a lot of ambitious pirates trying to cram their way into Sea of Thieves...
Out in the great wide open.

Elite: Dangerous asks players to stop exploring (for the moment)

One of the keenest parts of Elite: Dangerous is the fact that it's a game with a huge galaxy just begging to be explored....
If you read this like, it sounds kind of like he's monitoring some new youth trend.

Neverwinter’s new lead designer takes a ‘hard look’ at Elemental Evil

Neverwinter's Elemental Evil update had some issues that extend beyond some ill-distributed reward codes. A letter to the community from new lead designer Scott...

Secret World offers cheap pre-Tokyo package for new players

Another day, another deal! If you've been eying The Secret World after hearing about the recently released Enhanced Player Experience but you're worried about...