Oh dear.

World of Warcraft plans to add unobtainable transmog appearances in the future

Items are a big part of playing World of Warcraft. Sure, dropping ancient elves and demons and dragons to 0 health is its...
THE POWER (you've got it)

Path of Exile shows off the unique items hinting at the power of departed gods

The ancient gods of Path of Exile have slumbered for thousands of years, and for all intents and purposes they have vanished from...
Power whelming.

World of Warcraft players will have a quest to upgrade Legendary items

Do you want a shiny level 940 Legendary in World of Warcraft instead of being stuck with the garbage level 910 you already...
Do I look like a patient cow?

World of Warcraft’s secondary stats are dropping in power; here’s why

Players who log on to World of Warcraft's 7.1.5 test realm will no doubt have already noticed that secondary stats just aren't what...
Oh, good, more managing!

Skyforge’s new equipment system means less bag management and fewer extra resources

If you're one of the few people who really enjoy messing around with bag space, Skyforge's revamped equipment system will strike you...
Well, someone thinks it's neat.

Escape from Tarkov shows off its extensive weapon customization

What's your goal in Escape from Tarkov? At a glance, the title might suggest that your goal is to, well, escape, probably from...
I want a new... arsenal.

Final Fantasy XIV eases weapon requirements with patch 3.38

How's your weaponry looking in Final Fantasy XIV? Could it use a bit of an upgrade? The small patch that just dropped won't...
Epic pitchfork.

Albion Online details the Artifact system

When Albion Online's final beta kicks off on August 1st, players are going to deal with Artifacts. They're the most powerful items in...
Would you like to see something unsettling?

WoW Factor: Titanforged items and content relevance

If you've missed discussion of it elsewhere (including on this here site, even), World of Warcraft is rolling out a new system for...
Oh, these bugs.

The Daily Grind: What do you collect in MMOs?

At its heart, every single MMO is a game about collecting things. Most games have a number of very obvious things to collect; collect...
This is all going well. Good decisions are being made.

What the Titanforged gear will mean for World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft players recently got an eyeful of information about Titanforged items and how the game's item levels will work through...

Diablo III shows off the rewards for the newly arrived Season 6

It's time to get up and start earning rewards for Diablo III's Season 6! "Now now," you whine. "I have to go to...

Dungeons & Dragons Online previews the named loot of its next update

The next update for Dungeons & Dragons Online is bringing along some powerful new named items. But are they powerful enough? Will anyone...
Aw yus.

WoW Factor: Levels and legends in the Legion alpha

The alpha testing for World of Warcraft's next expansion rolls on, with the vague hope that we might actually have a beta tag...
I gots to bag it up.

RIFT asks players what they’d like in a brand-new bag

Inventory space is at a premium in RIFT, but that's always been an issue. The designers are aware of the issue, and they...
Wait a moment, I'm out of inventory space.

The Daily Grind: How do you manage your MMO inventory?

I have said in the past that I have an issue with inventory space on a whole. Games like Final Fantasy XIV only...
Show your work.

ECO finishes its account system, keeps moving toward alpha testing

Account systems are boring, but they're also pretty necessary for an online game. Sure, you only notice them when they're bad and/or obtrusive, but...
Aren't I important?

EverQuest II shows off deities and infusions

There's more to the next EverQuest II expansion than simply exploring new areas; players are going to have new systems to help along...

Diablo III explains the benefits offered by Kanai’s Cube

Your Diablo III characters lead lives in which every new artifact is judged on its ability to crush, exsanguinate, and electrocute every enemy...
You were a pretty place.

World of Warcraft shakes up itemization in its next patch

If you had been under the impression that World of Warcraft's personal loot was already equivalent in reward amounts to group loot, well......