The Daily Grind: How diligent are you with your MMO inventory management?

We have all accepted that however ridiculous video games are, there is a limit in that you cannot actually carry endless amounts of stuff...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most obscure piece of MMO merch you own?

Every so often I am reminded that my Rowsdower plushie is actually really hecking rare. I got it as a thing because I pick...
Not here, of course.

The Daily Grind: Would you ever consider giving an in-game MMO gift?

Sometimes all of us have more money in-game than out of the game. Sometimes you have friends where the only real personal connection is...
Going nowhere, going nowhere.

World of Warcraft shows off the new mounts and pets of Rise of Azshara

Yes, we still do not have an actual date for World of Warcraft's next major content update, so if you're waiting for Rise of Azshara...

Crowfall details the item rewards coming with its next major patch

One of the major goals for Crowfall is to have a shallow power curve, but one of the things that you want as a player...
Not so ugly now.

The Daily Grind: How useless does an MMO drop need to be before it’s vendor trash?

Vendor trash is a weird idea in lots of games. There are usually even specific categories of it; any gray item in World of Warcraft...

Not So Massively: Yearning for an MMO future free of loot

Throughout all of the Drama over Anthem's loot issues, I've just been rolling my eyes. Not because I think Bioware screwed up -- arguably...

Blade & Soul previews weapon and gear updates ahead of its Theater of Mystery patch

The next update for Blade and Soul arrives on December 5th, and your gear will never be the same. Specifically, a lot of it will...

Final Fantasy XIV previews the improved search function arriving with patch 4.35

There's a real dearth of vendor trash in Final Fantasy XIV. Almost everything is useful for something, somewhere. This encourages players to hoard a...
Perhaps start by wearing some.

Blade & Soul shows off enhancing your gear with its new Augment system

Legendary accessories in Blade & Soul are the sort of things that you know you can wear for a very long time without replacing....
Feel free to put the quotes in the comments.

Final Fantasy XIV plans to roll back greed-only looting in alliance raids

Sometimes reasonable ideas don't quite work out. Final Fantasy XIV's latest loot change is an obvious example of that; the developers wanted to solve...
The world is broken.

The Daily Grind: What unusual MMO merch do you own?

No, dear readers, I do not own a set of Destiny 2 candles. But they're the most recent bit of odd merchandising and memorabilia...
Pictured: Love.

Final Fantasy XI challenges players to another alphabetical Easter event

If you've played Final Fantasy XI through any given Easter event, you probably have a vivid memory of hearing people shout for various eggs...

Crowfall details its upcoming vendor system

Here's the next big system coming to Crowfall: Vendors! No, wait, come back, stop muttering that every game have those. This is different, this...
This is the real magic item.

Neverwinter details the rewards of the Lost City of Omu

There's no pretense that the real treasures in Neverwinter are the friendships you make along the way. The real treasures are treasures. They are...
Oh well.

Destiny 2 players find that equipment promising more loot provides no real change

Saying that something "provides more loot" is a rather vague statement, but there are items in Destiny 2 that are entirely based around the...
Surprise, mapfinder.

Path of Exile is adding a map stash tab

Where are you going to store all of your maps in Path of Exile? There are too many maps, and you have no place...
Leave your clothing on.

Revelation Online encourages you to strip… your gear of enhancements

It is possible that Revelation Online could have used a thesaurus for its latest feature, as "stripping your gear" produces a mental image that...
This has less dramatic impact than hoped.

WoW Factor: Understanding World of Warcraft’s upcoming Heart of Azeroth system

The release of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is going to bring with it a lot of core system changes. This is neither...
Cool weapon.

Neverwinter details more items to be found in the lands of Chult

When you're in a rush to leave somewhere, you forget things. Totally normal and natural, right? But Neverwinter presents a unique case for adventurers...