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All right, the Lopp have some chops here too.

WildStar’s devs and fans love on the game two years after its demise

This past weekend saw a special and sad date for WildStar fans, as November 28th marked the two-year anniversary of the game's closure. Some...
Sorry, guy.

WildStar composer Jeff Kurtenacker signs on with Blizzard

We've made no secret over the fact that we absolutely love the WildStar soundtrack -- and you have too, with the MOP community previously...

WildStar’s composer creates a brand-new music track for terminally ill player

For those of you who traveled in WildStar's orbit back in the day, you may remember a guy named Avidguru. Avid hosted the WildCast...

WildStar composer Jeff Kurtenacker’s second Q&A talks unfinished music, the end of OST sales, and NCsoft

The always generous and lovely Jeff Kurtenacker, composer of WildStar's outstanding score, has uploaded the second episode of his JK Q&A series of videos...

Jukebox Heroes: The 2016 Online VGM Awards

With all of the award madness going on at Massively OP this month, it's the perfect time to unveil the 2016 Online VGM Awards!...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of WildStar’s soundtrack

I can't tell you how good it does my soul to see that WildStar has finally released an official soundtrack -- two, in fact,...

WildStar’s second soundtrack album comes out today

The second volume of WildStar's acclaimed soundtrack is now available to purchase. WildStar Volume 2 brings out 20 tracks, some of which are brand-new,...

WildStar’s soundtrack is now for sale

WildStar Composer Jeff Kurtenacker is interrupting your normal daily routine for this important announcement: "Today! It's out. How big can we make this?? Buy...

WildStar’s soundtrack is finally coming to market

One of the most requested MMORPG soundtracks of the current era is finally coming to market, causing every rowsdower in the galaxy to start jitterbugging...

Jukebox Heroes: Six forgettable MMOs with unforgettable soundtracks

I have often thought it grossly unfair that a video game soundtrack is linked, for better and for worse, with the popularity of the...

WildStar gives a musical preview of new tracks

Fans of WildStar's awesome soundtrack are in for a treat today, as the sci-fi title has released a musical preview of its new Ascendency...

How WildStar’s soundtrack is intensely personal for its creator

Loving those WildStar tunes? Then it's high time you met the man behind the game's enormous and beloved soundtrack, Composer Jeff Kurtenacker. Top Shelf Gaming...

Jukebox Heroes: Your top 20 favorite MMO soundtracks

I've been a sneaky columnist, my friends. Oh yes I have. In my last Jukebox Heroes I posted my top six favorite MMO soundtracks,...

Jukebox Heroes: My top six favorite MMO soundtracks of all time

In ranking MMO soundtracks, there are a lot of ways to do it. You can pull out individual tracks or praise a game for...