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ARK’s Studio Wildcard is launching a 40K-person-server pirate MMO called Atlas next week

If you blinked during the Game Awards on Twitch, you might have missed the announcement of a new MMO launching next week from the...

ARK won’t be featuring console crossplay any time soon

Friends and family separated by gaming platforms won't be coming together for a joyous reunion any time soon if they're playing ARK: Survival Evolved. Crossplay...

Gather ’round for a peek at ARK’s retooled inventory UI

ARK: Survival Evolved hasĀ  a number of cool features that players like, but the UI isn't necessarily one of them. Take heart, survivors: A...

ARK: Survival Evolved’s Jeremy Stieglitz on Scorched Earth and console launch

ARK: Survival EvolvedĀ Co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz has posted to Reddit an unreleased interview he did for Eurogamer, which apparently won't be published there. In it,...

The Soapbox: The sorry state of ARK Survival Evolved

When ARK: Survival Evolved came on the scene in June 2015, it was met with enthusiasm (dinosaurs!) as well as some skepticism (Early Access)....

ARK: Survival Evolved to get mounted combat with weapons in v248

Technically, ARK: Survival Evolved already has mounted combat. Except that it's only mount combat; only the dinosaur can attack. For players to participate in...

WildCard recombines ARK versions back into one game, adds SOTF modding and VR

Remember back when Studio WildCard split ARK into two stand-alone games, Survival Evolved and Survival of the Fittest? Well, ignore that. The studio is...

Has WildCard reached a settlement with Trendy? [Update: Probably.]

Is the Trendy versus Studio Wildcard legal sparring nearing an end? A recent tweet from Susan Claire Stieglitz Browning, co-founder and former business manager...

Coding and cupcakes: The lawsuit against ARK

Are cupcake and coding skills mutually exclusive? That might actually be a relevant question in relation to the recent lawsuit Trendy Entertainment filed in...

ARK: Survival Evolved studio hit with lawsuit

Kotaku has reported on an ongoing lawsuit lodged by Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment against ARK: Survival Evolved's Studio Wildcard. Trendy has alleged that...