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Lord of the Rings Online takes a step forward in lockbox transparency

Ever since Standing Stone Games started ramping up the prominence of Lord of the Rings Online’s lockboxes following last year’s Mordor expansion, the microtransactions have proved to be extremely controversial and divisive in the community.

And while LOTRO isn’t going to be ditching lockboxes any time soon, SSG is working on being more transparent about the system. On April 25th’s livestream, CM Jerry Snook answered a player concern about the topic.

“I have been working on a page in recent days that’s going to provide more transparency on both Hobbit presents and the seal-bound Gorgoroth lootboxes,” he said. “It’s going to talk about what you can get from these things, what’s considered rare, what’s considered common, what’s super-rare.”

Snook said that the page will come out in the next couple of weeks after it has been localized.
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The LOTRO team dishes on Mordor and PvMP

Hungry for more information about Lord of the Rings Online and its recent Mordor expansion? YouTuber Stefalla interviewed Standing Stone Games CM Jerry Snook to see what news he could glean from the studio.

One pressing question was when Mordor will become available for LOTRO Points, considering that some players have held off purchasing the expansion until this happens. Snook said that this is planned for winter some time around Update 22, although he wouldn’t commit to a firm date.

It’s a little hard to listen to, as English is not the native language of Stefalla, but there’s some interesting stuff here, especially in regard to the development of Mordor’s storyline outside of the narrative of the books. Check it out after the break!

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Dungeons and Dragons Online confirms that Ravenloft expansion is still on for this year

It has been a good long time since we have heard anything about Dungeons and Dragons Online’s promised Ravenloft expansion. While we still don’t know when this horror-themed module is coming to the MMO, at least we have official confirmation that it is still happening for 2017.

On the official forums, CM Jerry Snook addressed the apparent shift from “fall” to “winter” in the studio’s plans for the expansion’s launch. Previously, the team was stating fall 2017 as a target window, but on a recent livestream, the language pointed to winter.

“It’s always been the plan to start with [Lord of the Rings Online’s] Mordor, then do Ravenloft, and that’s exactly what’s happening,” Snook said. “Ravenloft will be released when it is ready, and we’ll have more info on the exact timing of it as we get closer to release. The plan is to release it by the end of the year. I don’t want to start getting into semantic debates over what ‘closer to’ means, but sure, there is a time frame we’d enjoy releasing Ravenloft during, and we’re working toward that goal. But as soon as we give time frames and dates, people will chisel it in stone, when the reality is more flexible than that.”

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LOTRO to reveal Mordor expansion and start beta testing this week

By the week’s end, Lord of the Rings Online players should know a lot more about the game’s coming Mordor expansion — and even have an opportunity to play it.

In an interview yesterday with Dadi’s LOTRO Guides, CM Jerry “Cordovan” Snook said that the team is preparing a big reveal today for the expansion that should include the name and some key details. Additionally, the first beta preview is set to go live on the Bullroarer test server by this weekend. This test won’t be the full expansion, as the team wants to hold back the epic story and some other major content as to not spoil surprises.

Snook confirmed that there will be a level cap increase with Mordor (although he wouldn’t say what it is) and that the virtue cap will increase by one. The expansion is still on track for release in late summer 2017, with a follow-up patch that will add in group content (such as the new raid).

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Massively OP Interview: Standing Stone on LOTRO, DDO, and Daybreak

It’s been quite a month since Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online announced that they were breaking off from Turbine as part of a new studio called Standing Stone Games and being published by none other than Daybreak Game Company. Players have had to deal with equal parts excitement and anxiety over this new course (with old developers). Does it bode for a brighter future, more of the same, or the beginning of the end for these beloved titles?

While Standing Stone has been communicative over the past month, we wanted to dig deeper into the decision to form the new studio, its relationship with Daybreak, and plans for both DDO and LOTRO going forward. To wit, we sat down with Standing Stone Executive Producer Rob “Severlin” Ciccolini, Lead Designer Ben “DrOctothorpe” Schneider, and Community Manager Jerry “Cordovan” Snook to discuss this major transition and its possible impact for these two MMO game worlds.

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Sit down for an hour with the LOTRO devs

There doesn’t need to be a major release on the horizon to create an excuse to interview MMO devs, are we right? The crew at the Auf ein Bier Games Podcast think so, at least, and have recorded an hour session with two of Turbine’s team members: Jerry Snook and Jeff Libby.

The two devs talk about many of the aspects of creating, running, and wrangling the community of Lord of the Rings Online. How does the team handle being called liars? How do the CMs handle the numerous avenues of communication? What pressures is Turbine under on a regular basis? Tune in after the break and hear the answers to these and more!

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