jumping puzzles

The Stream Team: SWTOR’s Makeb datacron torture, take two

Mayday! May Day! Danger ahead! Now that Massively OP's Larry and MJ's heart rates have finally gotten back to normal, they are ready...
go UP

The Daily Grind: Do you have any love for jumping puzzles in MMOs?

It's hard for me to be sure exactly when MMOs decided that jumping puzzles were the thing to include as an option. Guild Wars 2...

The Stream Team: Jedi and jumping puzzles in SWTOR

What do you do when you finish all the main storyline of SWTOR? If you thought celebrate, you'd be wrong. Massively OP's Larry has...
Not hard puzzles, no, but still.

The Daily Grind: Are puzzles in MMOs a good thing?

I have a mixed relationship with puzzles in MMOs, because they can easily be a huge distraction from a game that's otherwise proving to...