Kakao to Black Desert players: Chargebacks have consequences

Kakao is putting its foot down when it comes to Black Desert players' chargebacks -- that is, attempting to reverse payment for a product...

Black Desert’s controversial cash shop patch is live today

With Black Desert's patch this morning, cash-shop items are officially popping up on the auction house -- that includes pets, outfits, value packages, and...

The Daily Grind: Which older MMO still looks really pretty?

I've been spending more time in RIFT lately due to the expansion announcement, and an observation that's crossed my mind more than once is...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 77: Improving your lockbox experience

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, RIFT, Elder Scrolls Online, Blizzard, Black Desert, and TERA, with mailbag questions on new blood for MMOs and a lockbox rant.

Kakao denies mass-banning on Black Desert forums

Black Desert players have been up in arms over several recently announced changes to the formerly buy-to-play game, including a de facto subscription and plan...

The Stream Team: Whisperings of Black Desert’s black wisp

MassivelyOP’s MJ has been ignoring that malevolent little black wisp in Black Desert for a while now, but she can't avoid it forever. If...

Black Desert: Community uproar and analysts on Kakao

Black Desert forumgoers dug up an article in the Korea Herald from a few weeks ago that suggests publisher Kakao is using its games...

Black Desert players explode over plan to allow cash shop items on the in-game market

Did you hear that noise? It's the sound of Black Desert players flipping tables. "Game went from FFXIV to ArcheAge in span of 2...

Black Desert patch heralds the start of Valencia sieges, bans another round of cheaters

Valencia Sieges will begin this Sunday, according to Black Desert Online's most recent patch notes. That should give players a few days to prepare...

Black Desert has selected the best community PvP trailers

Recently, Black Desert ran a community contest to prompt players to create trailers to show off the game's various PvP features. This Warfare Trailer...
This is actually much better than I expected.

Battle Bards Episode 79: Combat music

Ready to battle it out more than usual? The Battle Bards are cranking up the combat tunes from MMORPGs today, inviting all sorts of...
In hindsight, this was a bad decision.

Black Desert’s biggest bot creator is being sued by Daum

The maker of the most popular bot for Black Desert has been forced to take his creation offline following a lawsuit started by Daum's...

Jukebox Heroes: Black Desert Online’s soundtrack

If I had to describe Black Desert Online's score in one word, I would probably go with "lovely." Generally, it's a very lovely soundtrack....

The Stream Team: Back at the Black Desert quest grind

Everywhere MassivelyOP's MJ turns, there are more NPCs asking for help in Black Desert -- and she just can't seem to say no! It...
GOLD (gold)

Black Desert starts up the next stage of its Golden Event

You've had your chance with fishing, and you've had your chance with slaughtering monsters, but now it's time for gatherers in Black Desert Online...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 75: Future oracles

Justin and Bree discuss WoW, Guild Wars 2, Shards Online, LOTRO & DDO, FFXIV, Black Desert, and more, with a mailbag question on boosting GW2 characters.

Kunoichi awakening hits Black Desert Korea Thursday

Black Desert Kunoichi players rejoice! While it won't be available in the North American version for a time, BDO Korea will get to see...
Glub glub.

Black Desert Online’s Korean version adds in a new region and underwater combat

Now that Black Desert Online has landed in North America and is humming along nicely, it's sometimes easy to forget that the game has...

Leaderboard: Is Black Desert’s new subscription value pack pay-to-win?

Black Desert players are on fire over the new subscription value pack. Well not literally on fire, but damn close. MOP reader Sally pointed us...

Naval warfare is coming to Black Desert in Q4 2016

Yesterday we noted that Black Desert is currently introducing naval warfare in the MMO's Korean version. Today, we have confirmation that these sea battles will...