One Shots: Ruins in the jungle

Could Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns' greatest achievement be in its architecture? Even though I haven't played it, I certainly have heard a...
Swing like you mean it.

Black Desert plans to roll out all Awakenings by the end of the year

Whatever your choice of class in Black Desert, you have an Awakening waiting. The game's native Korean version has been steadily rolling out Awakening...

One Shots: Wonderful Bree drug

Despite what you may think, libraries can be fascinating places full of mysteries and delights. Even in MMOs, you never know what you'll find...
Shh, you'll scare the food.

Gamescom 2016: Black Desert’s video avalanche

Black Desert devs have unloaded a bundle of new trailers on Gamescom-goers and -watchers alike. Let's take a look! First up is a two-parter...

The Stream Team: Learning to love melee in Black Desert

With only one exception, MassivelyOP’s MJ hasn't really enjoyed playing melee classes... until now. She's been having a blast with Black Desert’s Valkyrie! Having...
This sounded good until you started attacking my toolkit for some reason.

Black Desert promises Awakening weapons ‘quite soon after GamesCom’

In response to a player requesting hints about when Black Desert's Awakening weapon systems might drop, Kakao has dutifully produced a teaser. "Not next week,...
GOLD (gold)

Leaderboard: Is Black Desert destined for free-to-play in the west?

On this week's podcast, Justin and I discussed the general MMO blogger sentiment that Black Desert's recent business model drama -- specifically, the addition of...

One Shots: Swords and other pointy things

What are swords good for? For one thing, they make excellent pointers, communicating to your audience that this thing over here is what you're...

The Stream Team: Black Desert’s Bloody Monastery

MassivelyOP's MJ might have accidentally leveled more than she intended to over Black Desert's bonus XP weekend. How did that happen? It came about...

Kakao to Black Desert players: Chargebacks have consequences

Kakao is putting its foot down when it comes to Black Desert players' chargebacks -- that is, attempting to reverse payment for a product...

Black Desert’s controversial cash shop patch is live today

With Black Desert's patch this morning, cash-shop items are officially popping up on the auction house -- that includes pets, outfits, value packages, and...

The Daily Grind: Which older MMO still looks really pretty?

I've been spending more time in RIFT lately due to the expansion announcement, and an observation that's crossed my mind more than once is...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 77: Improving your lockbox experience

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, RIFT, Elder Scrolls Online, Blizzard, Black Desert, and TERA, with mailbag questions on new blood for MMOs and a lockbox rant.

Kakao denies mass-banning on Black Desert forums

Black Desert players have been up in arms over several recently announced changes to the formerly buy-to-play game, including a de facto subscription and plan...

The Stream Team: Whisperings of Black Desert’s black wisp

MassivelyOP’s MJ has been ignoring that malevolent little black wisp in Black Desert for a while now, but she can't avoid it forever. If...

Black Desert: Community uproar and analysts on Kakao

Black Desert forumgoers dug up an article in the Korea Herald from a few weeks ago that suggests publisher Kakao is using its games...

Black Desert players explode over plan to allow cash shop items on the in-game market

Did you hear that noise? It's the sound of Black Desert players flipping tables. "Game went from FFXIV to ArcheAge in span of 2...

Black Desert patch heralds the start of Valencia sieges, bans another round of cheaters

Valencia Sieges will begin this Sunday, according to Black Desert Online's most recent patch notes. That should give players a few days to prepare...

Black Desert has selected the best community PvP trailers

Recently, Black Desert ran a community contest to prompt players to create trailers to show off the game's various PvP features. This Warfare Trailer...
This is actually much better than I expected.

Battle Bards Episode 79: Combat music

Ready to battle it out more than usual? The Battle Bards are cranking up the combat tunes from MMORPGs today, inviting all sorts of...