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SWTOR is moving toward a legacy-based currency system

The Hoojib is out of the bag: Star Wars: The Old Republic is planning on making a huge change to its currency systems.

Responding to a question about one of the newer currencies in the game, Game Producer Keith Kanneg let it slip that the team is going to change how currency works so that you’ll be able to save some money between characters and pool resources.

“We are working to change currencies to be legacy-based,” Kanneg said. “This includes unassembled components, credits, the Umbara currency, and more. I’m not aware of any major obstacles preventing this from happening, and doing so will help with a number of changes we are planning for the future.”

More information about this shift in design will arrive in the upcoming roadmap update.


SWTOR changes up producers, teases 2017 road map

Over at BioWare, the frisky employees have tagged in a new producer to handle the title. The result is that Ben Irving is out and Keith Kanneg is in as the new Star Wars: The Old Republic game producer.

Kanneg announced the changeover yesterday in his first producer’s letter, saying that Irving has moved to “a great new opportunity” in the company while Kanneg himself moved up from his previous job as director of live services.

SWTOR’s newest producer gave out his professional and gamer cred résumé: “I’ve been with BioWare/EA and SWTOR for the past six years, where I’ve held a variety of positions, and have always been a very active player with nearly 10,000 hours of gameplay, 28 plus characters and tons of achievements.”

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