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Your approval fills me with shame.

Roblox faces class action lawsuit that accuses the game of turning a blind eye to third-party gambling rings

Roblox is once more back in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons, as the company that runs the player-generated games platform is...

Hamilton Simulator lets Roblox players defeat the British with official songs from the musical

If anyone had "popular musical Hamilton officially claps hands with Roblox" on their bingo card, mark off a space now because that's literally what...

Neopets celebrates its anniversary with new items and the return of over 50 classic Flash games

While Neopets might have been looking towards its future after the game's studio went independent in July, it's celebrating its past right now with...

Wizard101’s test realm is officially open – here’s what awaits within

The recently confirmed test realm for Wizard101 has now officially opened its doors to players, and it's looking like there are a lot of...

A year after FTC complaint, Roblox will now hide ads for players 13 and under

Last year, the watchdog group Truth in Advertising (TINA) filed a complaint with the FTC over Roblox's "deceptive advertising" reach towards younger players, claiming...
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The Daily Grind: Which MMOs do you let your own kids play?

A while back, in the long long ago when we could still talk to humans in person, I was chatting with the mom of...
Yeah, that's the stuff.

The Daily Grind: What does the MMORPG genre offer younger players?

Earlier this year, a Redditor on the MMORPG sub pondered whether young folks play MMORPGs -- not kids, mind you, but teens, high schoolers...