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Official Site: Kritika Online (West)
Studio: En Masse
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Fantasy MMO
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Kritika Online update adds danger zones, class awakenings, and pet gems

Kritika Online seems like it’s one of those sleeper MMOs that doesn’t get a lot of attention yet is really aggressive and faithful in putting out regular content updates. Hot on the heels of its first birthday celebration, last week’s content update offered up a host of new features and experiences for the action MMO’s playerbase to enjoy.

The patch kicked off with the addition of two new danger zones, Corsairs’ Cove and Coldsnap Village, which are in the “extreme difficulty” range and shouldn’t be attempted lightly. Five of the game’s classes and sub-classes also received second awakening questlines, which when completed will transform the Assassin, Catspaw, Wolf Guardian, Psion, and Vamp into noble (advanced) versions.

There’s a lot of other little improvements, such as five more pets, multiple class skill adjustments, plenty of new special titles, a third force of Etherforce, and brand-new pet gems. These gems increaes the power level of faithful companions and can be upgraded over time.

Source: Patch notes


The MOP Up: EverQuest II’s scorched sky policy (July 1, 2018)

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Kritika Online begins testing new danger zones and Fractured Memories expansion

Danger! Danger! Danger zones, that is, and brand-new ones to try out this week in Kritika Online.

En Masse just uploaded the latest content patch to the test servers, giving players a pair of new Xanadu danger zones to tackle. These high-level areas require at least a level 65 to approach and pay out in a variety of useful rewards.

The next update also includes a sizable increase to the critical damage cap and an extension to the Fractured Memories dungeon. “We have added twenty new floors to Fractured Memories, so you can journey further than ever before. Plus, the cap on Fractured Memories ability points has been extended to 190!” the studio said.


Kritika Online offers players new advancement with the Dawn of Awakenings update

Dedicated Warriors and Monks in Kritika Online are getting to be just a little bit better starting today. The game’s newest update adds in new Second Awakening quests for the Monk and the Warrior, allowing you to get a new bonus-laden class on top of your existing advanced option. Who wouldn’t want to be a Doomblade, a Fire Lord, or a Berserker? That all sounds like pretty good Warrior stuff. (Monks, meanwhile, can be Star Monks or Void Monks. Which we’re sure are also quite cool, but they have worse titles.)

Of course, there’s stuff in the patch even if you prefer not to play Monk or Warrior; players will have access to new Windhome storyline advancement as well as new danger zones and a new ultimate zone. Pick up some Dusk Weapons from the aforementioned ultimate zone, enjoy the new Etherforce UI and alterations, and get ready to awaken even more. Your Warrior will be so awake.

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 166: Russia breaks the internet

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin dive into the Russia gaming crisis, tackle a trio of significant MMO patches, and celebrate the coming of a cute-looking title. Plus there’s always those challenging community podcast questions to keep them occupied!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Kritika Online welcomes you to Windhome with a level cap increase and more

Nap time’s over, it’s time to play with the big boys and girls! En Masse trotted out a huge content update for Kritika Online this week with the introduction of Windhome.

This small town is dealing with all sorts of issues, and players will be spending at least five levels trying to sort its laundry out. The patch raises the level cap to 70, adds four new “danger zones,” introduces the Dusk gear set, adds prime attributes for more character customization, and increases the enhancement limit of gear sets to +19.

“The Windhome Update sees the conclusion of Abeland’s storyline which leads players to the new region, Windhome,” the update’s press release said. “An encampment in constant struggle between invaders and the Fox clan, players will find new quests in the windy region that will bring them to the new maximum level cap of 70 as well as exciting challenges like the Ultimate Danger Zone, Eeri’s Library.”

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Kritika Online will release Windhome on April 18; check out the full reveal tonight

En Masse has been teasing Kritika Online’s Windhome update for a bitsy already, but today, it’s going to flat out infodump on its players. I warn you: There are adorable fox people.

“Set for release on live servers on April 18 Windhome introduces the first level cap increase for player characters since the games release in 2017, raising the maximum level from 65 to 70. With the increase in the maximum level comes the brand new Windhome region, home to the Fox clan who will help players as they journey through new danger zones within the region. New gear featuring the new Prime Attribute system, which unlocks a powerful array of special abilities, and upgrades for existing gear will also be included with the update.”

En Masse will be streaming a full reveal this evening at 6 p.m. EDT; you can check back here at go time and watch it down below!

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Kritika Online starts testing Windhome

The next chapter of En Masse’s Kritika Online is currently being run through its paces on the test server. The studio announced that it is testing the Windhome content update, which contains a hearty dose of new areas and storylines.

In the update, players will venture to Windhome, a “remote encampment” under siege with two new armor sets to chase. The studio is giving players a boost to handle the endgame content with an easy mode to previous content and upgraded gear levels.

Looking ahead to late spring, May will bring improvements to the fractured memories system, a guild competition, pet gear, and inventory UI upgrades. Then in July, more class awakenings are planned, as well as additional weapon enhancements, danger zones for Windhome, and a revved-up arena mode.


Kritika Online’s latest update is all about the power of pets

You are going to give your pets away in the newest Kritika Online. Sure, you can take your pets to Tokina in any hub area to see if they’ll evolve or improve, but you can also use Pet Coins to fill out your collection… and you get Pet Coins by trading in the pets you don’t want. So feel free to picture your character happily flinging away a scared, adorable pet in the hopes of getting something more useful. You monster.

Aside from pet discarding, the update also contains new uses for Passkey Shards, an Arena rework, and new class balancing. You can also challenge Vojack for loot for a limited time, as he’ll only be around until April 18th in his own special Danger Zone. (Presumably, you’ll need to take a highway to get there.) Check out the full patch notes for all of the changes, or just start thinking of which pets you’ll donate as an “example” to the other ones.


Kritika Online patches in a Lunar New Year celebration

It’s time for a celebration in Kritika Online because it’s the Lunar New Year! And as you can probably guess, the celebration centers around new outfits. Defeat a Danger Zone boss and you’ll get a chance for food or a pouch containing temporary costumes, enhancement pieces, and fishing gear. You can also turn costumes in for Kagerfield Badges if you’d prefer, and of course there are more costumes available in the cash shop if you’d prefer a direct purchase.

The Lunar New Year event will run through February 21st, but the patch also adds in support for a Valentine’s Day event running later this month. No details on that one yet, though; you’ll just have to wait a little longer. Add in the balance changes and bug fixes that come along with this patch, and while it’s not introducing some huge new mechanics to the game, you should still have plenty to do.


Kritika Online brings the Monk out to play for the Chosen Path patch

If a dash of mysticism and a dallop of fist-punching appeals to your playstyle, then you might want to check out Kritika Online’s newest playable character. En Masse’s action MMO released the Monk class yesterday as part of the game’s first content update of the year, dubbed Chosen Path.

The Monk is a hand-to-hand fighter who can specialize over time as either a Star Monk or Void Monk. And speaking of character customization, all classes can enjoy the update’s new imprinting system, which allows for malleable abilities.

Kritika Online is also running a Monk leveling event that will give those characters (and anyone grouped with them) various in-game prizes. A separate Lunar New Year celebration is currently running through March 7th, with special firecracker boxes dropping during play.

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Massively Overthinking: What’s the smallest MMO you’re willing to play?

A comment on Reddit about the current size and viability of Kritika Online got me thinking about MMO playerbases in general lately. We all know that there’s a stigma attached to little games; the big games with big servers and millions of players feel safer, and nowadays people just assume a small MMO has one foot in the grave. But it isn’t always true. We could also rattle off some smaller MMOs that seem to be moving along just fine, with bills paid. Sure, they’d like to be bigger, but they’re holding steady and know how to work the playerbase they do have rather than constantly alienate their current customers in search of new customers. And some MMO gamers actually prefer those sorts of titles. After all, if the game has just a few thousand people, it’s much easier to get to know a large slice of them, plus have your voice heard by the developers and actually influence the gameworld.

For this week’s Massively Overthinking, I’ve asked the writers to reflect on the smallest MMOs they have played, and then consider how big an MMO has to be in terms of playerbase that they’d consider playing it now. What’s the smallest MMO you’re willing to play, and why?

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