Have a melon.

Worlds Adrift promises that the developers are working on fixing lag

Lag is no longer just your excuse for trading players melons in Worlds Adrift. It's a very real problem that the development team knows...

RIFT Prime jacks up its quest experience, works on lag

Players on RIFT's relatively new Prime progression server will see one major complaint addressed today: Trion Worlds is tripling the experience rewarded from quests...

Sea of Thieves servers buckle and break under a surge of would-be pirates

Whether you are personally playing it or not, there are a lot of ambitious pirates trying to cram their way into Sea of Thieves...

Absolver struggles with server stability in the wake of its successful launch

Success can be a double-edged sword, especially if one isn't prepared for it. Developer Sloclap is discovering this over the past week, as its...

APB Reloaded tackles console lag and crashes

With the soft launch of APB Reloaded on the PlayStation 4 have come some hard truths: namely that the game isn't quite where the...
It's lonely out in space.

Trion addresses downtime with the ArcheAge community

No one likes network issues. Trion acknowledged a slew of network issues hitting ArcheAge over the past few days in a forum post, noting...

Lord of the Rings Online has a two-and-a-half-year plan

Lord of the Rings Online isn't prepared to close up shop in Middle-earth just yet. In a new interview with fansite Dadi's LOTRO Guides,...

Dungeons and Dragons Online tech woes continue a month after datacenter move

Cast your mind back to the long-ago era of "early March 2016," during which Turbine moved Dungeons and Dragons Online to a new datacenter....
Still crazy after all these years.

Dungeons and Dragons struggles with lag after data center move

If you're one of the Dungeons and Dragons Online players struggling with extreme lag (or concerned over rumors of duping) in the wake of last...
This isn't a promo shot, it is literally this empty.

Skyforge producer says current server instability is ‘not acceptable’

If you were hoping that Skyforge had left its earlier server issues behind and a glorious new future awaited it free of queues, disconnections,...