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Fly free, too.

The Daily Grind: Isn’t it time to put an end to land rushes in MMORPGs?

When Final Fantasy XIV's 5.35 patch arrived this week, the hardcore XIV players on the Massively OP team had very mixed reactions. One triumphed...

The fresh start server land rush for ArcheAge Unchained players begins tomorrow

Is there anyone out there who actually likes land rushes - that crazy of logging in and desperately scrambling to try to claim digital...

Domain and settlement claiming for Chronicles of Elyria begins on August 30

The time is near for eager Chronicles of Elyria fans who bought in to the MMO's promise hard enough to be granted land ownership...

The Daily Grind: How would you solve the housing server merge problem?

When ArcheAge launched, I was one of those who was brutally harsh about its mind-numbingly stupid housing system, a more or less open-world system...

Here’s how the end (and restart) of Shroud of the Avatar will go down

Now that we are on the verge of Shroud of the Avatar turning the switch on for its persistent world state, it is important...

ArcheAge goes offline for two days for 2.0 and server merges

ArcheAge is beginning its great 48-hour blackout today as Trion Worlds rolls out Update 2.0 while simultaneously merging several servers in its "evolution" initiative. "It made...
Won't this be the opposite of fun.

ArcheAge elaborates on the game’s post-server merge environment

If the land rush at launch of ArcheAge was the least fun you'd had since you started playing the game, you probably don't want...
But this'll clear those population problems right up, I'm sure.

ArcheAge’s server merges will spark another land rush

When ArcheAge first announced that there would be some sort of server consolidation, players were understandably nervous. Merges can be a messy business at...