I mean, you know what it looks like.

World of Warcraft will not split up its Classic servers based on language

If you're a European fan of World of Warcraft eager for the Classic servers to arrive, you'd better brush up on your linguistic...

EVE Evolved: What really sets Russian EVE players apart?

One of the most interesting things about EVE Online is the fact that its single shard server forces players from different countries and...

The Daily Grind: Do you have your profanity filter on in MMOs?

You may not realize this from reading what I write on this site, but I curse a lot in real life. It's not appropriate...

Path of Exile patches in new language support with 3.0.2

It is entirely possible that you speak English but don't really have that as your primary language. Yes, you can read English texts, but...
El Black.

Black Desert is getting a Spanish localization

Remember when Black Desert wasn't localized in English and every attempt to play it involved jumping through a lot of hoops in a...

Here’s how Star Citizen’s alien languages are being constructed from nothing

"Don't waste your time learning Klingon, it ain't no use," Luna sang way back in 1996, but clearly, they had never met Britton Watkins,...

Massively Overthinking: Is IP-blocking in online games a necessary evil?

This past week, news about Black Desert's IP blocking has reminded me once again how IP-blocking, region-locking, and the resulting isolated MMO communities...

MMO Mechanics: Three non-combat mechanics to love

The wheels in my head have been turning over non-combat mechanics in MMOs for a while now, perhaps because of the buzz surrounding

Massively Overthinking: The language barriers of MMORPGs

This week's Massively Overthinking topic comes from Kickstarter donor XanadoX, who wants us to talk about "playing MMOs in another language: Korean, Japanese, or...