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Devilian takes a look at the successes and failures of its launch month

The first month of operation is a tumultuous time for any new title. Devilian feels as if it were just announced, but it launched back on December 10th, and the community has been plowing through its content along the way. The newest producer’s letter for the game takes a look at the overall launch environment, which was positive aside from the rather significant rollback on the Seadrift server.

Rather than coasting after a successful launch, the game is planning its first major content update in January. Exact features of the patch have yet to be announced; class PvP balance is going to be examined in the same month. It’s a positive letter overall, which should be good news for players who have enjoyed the post-launch environment.


Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns launch diary: How to fix an expansion iteratively

I know I promised you an entry that focused on the changes to the in-game economy as my next installment to the Heart of Thorns launch diary, but a juicy post went live last night on the Guild Wars 2 website that I couldn’t possibly postpone commenting on, so I’ve put my economy entry on hold while I take a look at the iterative development process that drives the expansion. Within a week, we’ve seen several tweaks to the mechanics that were introduced with the expansion, and the latest news is that the ArenaNet team has again addressed player complaints with an iterative development approach. In this launch diary entry, I’ll take a look at the team’s iterative approach and highlight precisely why this is a fantastic way forward for the game.

Another point I’d like to note before I talk about the topic at hand is that I’m now in the original Massively Overpowered [MVOP] guild and am looking for company. Any reader can join us by popping his or her account name in the comments below or in an email, or alternatively you can message me in-game by contacting Tinabeans.8064. Please note that I’m on a free secondary account, so I can’t reply to your in-game mail or whispers unless we’re mutual friends: Don’t panic if I don’t write back!

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Skyforge producer says current server instability is ‘not acceptable’

If you were hoping that Skyforge had left its earlier server issues behind and a glorious new future awaited it free of queues, disconnections, or lag, we have some bad news for you. Another rash of server problems have hit the game, and producer Aaron Biedma wrote a brief letter to the community last night stating that the current state of the servers for the game is simply unacceptable.

Fixing the problem will require setting up additional server hardware and upgrading both the game’s client and the server software to provide greater stability. Of course, the process of upgrading all of this will result in more instability and maintenance, so it’s one of those “big picture” things. Still, if the net result is that Skyforge can move on to a better and less server-crippled state, that’s a net positive.

And if you don’t think so, maybe you’ll be soothed by the promise of “special in-game gift[s] to thank players for their ongoing patience and understanding as the team weathers these growing pains.”