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Does this word mean something different to you?

LawBreakers’ Assassin is totally gonna gank you

Last week, Nexon previewed LawBreakers' Enforcer role. This week, it's all about the Assassin. "With her razor-sharp blades, powerful Romerus energy shotgun, and...
Not to be confused with BreakLawyers. That's a whole different game from the start.

LawBreakers hosts its third closed alpha this weekend

Anyone eagerly awaiting the next LawBreakers closed alpha test will be happy to know that the wait is almost over. There's still a wait...
Also breaking MY HEART (not really)

Betawatch: A whole lot of E3 news (June 17, 2016)

This week was all about E3, and for MMO players, it didn't feature a whole lot of new titles. Oh, there was plenty...
Oh my gosh, did they try.

E3 2016: Hands-on with Nexon’s LawBreakers

Going into E3 this year, I didn't think LawBreakers would be something we'd cover at MOP. I also didn't expect much out of it,...
Riders on the ic...arus.

Betawatch: Riders of Icarus rounds out its beta (June 3, 2016)

The third and final stage of Riders of Icarus testing is upon us! The third and final closed beta started on Thursday...
I Am Jack's Total Lack of Surprise

PAX East 2016: LawBreakers’ alpha gameplay trailer features Ice-T

If the voiceover on this "premium digital game" LawBreakers trailer sounds familiar, that's because it's Ice-T, whom Nexon has dubbed the "OG lawbreaker."...
See, this is why no one likes you. It's because of this.

Nexon’s LawBreakers will be a Steam exclusive, won’t be free-to-play

CliffyB's Nexon-backed shooter LawBreakers isn't breaking the law, but it might be breaking hearts over those medial capitals, am I right? At...

Not So Massively: Grey Goo’s $75k tournament, Nexon’s LawBreakers

Valve announced that Dota 2's Reborn update will be released to the live servers in the next few weeks. Online RTS
So now we're all just copying Team Fortress 2. What did that accomplish?

Cliff Bleszinski’s new game revealed as a team-based FPS named LawBreakers

Remember how yesterday we were all excited about Cliff Bleszinski's new game being published by Nexon and thus having the potential...