There’s another investor suit mounting against Activision, this one alleging fraud in Bungie split

The controversy over the sudden split between Destiny 2 developer Bungie and longtime publishing partner Activision continues with the announcement that "global investor rights...

Facebook lawsuit reveals ‘friendly fraud’ tactics it employed against underage online gamers

For many of us, Facebook use is something we do grudgingly -- we're never quite liking the social platform, but we're also unable to...
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Heroes of the Storm professionals file lawsuit against former team owner over withheld payments

Five members of the now-defunct professional Heroes of the Storm team Naventic have filed a lawsuit against the team's former owner, James Ross Elliot...

The Bethsoft-Behavior lawsuit is over, and now so is Westworld mobile

One of the big gaming legal disputes of 2018 was the lawsuit Bethsoft lodged against Behaviour Interactive over the release of the Westworld mobile game,...
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Orange Shirt Kid joins the legal battle over Fortnite dances as Epic reintroduces glider re-deploys

The epic saga of Epic Games's legal battles over Fortnite dance emotes continues as the mother of the player popularly known as Orange Shirt...

The Pinkertons are taking Take-Two to court over Red Dead Redemption 2

Strange lawsuits aren't exactly uncommon within the gaming industry, but this one might just be the weirdest so far -- this year, at any...
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Activision investors are now investigating whether the Bungie split involves securities fraud

Two days ago, Activision and Bungie announced an early split of their long-running partnership, a split that transferred publishing rights for the franchise back...

SEC and Wells Fargo settle a suit over 38 Studios

The seemingly never-ending saga of 38 Studios and Project Copernicus has another coda this week in its sad history. Gamasutra is reporting that the Securities...
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A look back at the MMO industry’s law dramas of 2018

Last year, we started a new end-of-the-year tradition: a recap of all the legal and political dramas that have affected the MMO genre over...

Bethsoft and Behaviour resolve their lawsuit over Westworld and Fallout Shelter

One of the key gaming legal disputes of 2018 was the lawsuit lodged by Bethsoft against Behaviour Interactive, specifically focused on the release of...

Carlton is making trouble in Fortnite’s neighborhood – by suing Epic over his dance

Alfonso Ribeiro, the actor probably best known for playing Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and now the host of America's Funniest Home...

ZeniMax and Oculus have finally settled their multi-year lawsuit – out of court

When John Carmack and ZeniMax settled their long-running legal dispute earlier this fall, we noted that the companies were continuing to appeal how much...
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Rapper 2 Milly files lawsuit against Epic Games over Fortnite dance emote

Epic Games is under fire from rapper 2 Milly, who has filed a lawsuit against the Fortnite developer that alleges that one of the...

Niantic agrees to settle the property trespass class action lawsuit over Pokemon Go

Way back in 2016, at the height of the new-news-every-day-on-Pokemon-Go, we covered a lawsuit lodged against Nintendo and Niantic by one Jeffrey Marder of...

There might just be a class action lawsuit over Fallout 76 refunds

If you're having fun in Fallout 76, awesome - our own Fallout fanboy certainly found some positives in the game - but other folks...

League of Legends’ Riot Games is now being sued for gender discrimination as sexism scandal continues

The Riot Games sexual harassment scandal has been raging for a tumultuous three months -- or longer, depending on how you look at it...

Take-Two seems to have strong-armed a British tech site over Red Dead Redemption 2 leaks

According to recent reports from Variety, Kotaku, and Gamasutra, British technology website TrustedReviews has pulled a February article that published leaked information about Rockstar...

Black Desert: DDOS attacks, South Korean lawsuit, and Halloween

If you've been having problems with your Black Desert server crashing this week, you're not alone. Kakao seems to be suffering a wave of...

ArcheAge consumer lawsuit hits snag: Trion Worlds’ corporate dissolution

Remember that player lawsuit lodged against Trion Worlds back in 2015? The one where ArcheAge players Aaron Van Fleet, Paul Ovberg, and James Longfield...

Epic Games is suing still more Fortnite cheat creators

Looks like we've got another entry in the seemingly perpetual saga of game developers vs. cheat creators, as Epic Games is suing a pair...