This is not heading in a positive direction, in other words.

Bluehole Studio and ArenaNet are hiring multiple devs

It is always much more of a relief to report on MMO studios hiring on new help rather than going through layoffs. Right now,...
Well all right, then.

Gameforge is hit with layoffs as the company turns away from mobile gaming

German company Gameforge was recently hit with a round of layoffs as the company shifts its development efforts away from mobile. Yes, you read...

Firefall appears to have silently sunsetted (Update: Or maybe not?)

Update, 8:39 p.m. EDT: The game and site are back online now, still with no explanation or clarification from The9 whatsoever. Hopefully it stays up for...

Echo of Soul’s Wrath of the Goddess update has arrived

Echo of Soul is getting a big update today in the west, which is good news for fans of the game worried about its...

The Game Archaeologist: Middle-earth Online

I suppose there will always be a special place in my heart for Lord of the Rings Online. Not only is it one of...
Happiness is a warm gun.

APB: Reloaded sees UK layoffs, plans PS4 update

"Big, dramatic, and dare I say exciting things are afoot!" Thus begins APB: Reloaded's latest dev blog, penned by Community Manager Tiggs and Producer Joshua...

Mark Kern to Ember followers: ‘I feel a profound sense of responsibility for what happened to Firefall’

In the wake of the apparent complete emptying of the Red 5 Studios offices this week, former Firefall founder Mark Kern is forging ahead...

Rumor: Firefall’s Red 5 Studios has suffered mass layoffs

Former Red 5 Studios employees are suggesting the company is in big trouble today. Community Manager FadedPez has apparently been discharged from the studio. Matt DeWald...

Dungeons and Dragons Online teases possible third expansion

Believe it or not, a third expansion for Dungeons and Dragons Online could be in the cards for the fantasy game. Responding to players' concern...
From this point it looks so easy.

Devilian, Defiance community staffers shuffle as Trion seeks new hires in Austin

An anonymous reader tipped us off to possible staffing shifts at Trion Worlds this week, and now Trion's Garth Chouteau has confirmed to Massively OP...

Turbine layoffs confirmed: Turbine is transitioning into a ‘mobile’ dev studio

We've updated the end of this post with Warner Bros.' statement to us. It sounds as if Turbine may have been hit with another round...

Gigantic plans June 30 stress test under PWE’s stewardship

Gigantic hasn't had the best year, what with two rounds of layoffs, the loss of a community manager, and a major delay. The gorgeous...

Mark Kern says he’d buy Firefall back if it sunsets

Mark Kern, most recently recalled to MMORPG audiences for volunteering himself as a spokesperson in the Nostalrius World of Warcraft vanilla server ordeal, told...
How are you this way.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 65: Make yourself at home

Justin and Bree discuss Gigantic, NCsoft, WildStar, KingsIsle, Star Trek Online, Legion, and Crowfall, plus a mailbag question on media embargoes.
We all began with good intents.

WildStar’s lead writer is gone too

Over the weekend, former WildStar Product Director Mike Donatelli and Design Director Chris Behrens announced on Twitter that their last day working for Carbine...
But robots.

WildStar loses more developers as Donatelli, Behrens depart

Update: We've updated below with Carbine's statement to Massively OP. WildStar appears to have lost more staff this weekend: Both Mike Donatelli and Chris Behrens told...
How are you this way.

Rumor: Wizard101 and Pirate101 developer KingsIsle hit by layoffs [Confirmed]

Industry vets on Twitter have begun sending condolences to KingsIsle employees allegedly hit with "mass" or "massive" layoffs today. KingsIsle is the studio behind...

Perfect World will publish Motiga’s MOBA Gigantic

Perfect World has just announced that it will be publishing Gigantic, Motiga's upcoming MOBA. "This partnership with Perfect World Entertainment expands the game’s reach, allowing...
Hate the player, not the game! It's not the player's fault that they're in the game as it is.

Former PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby snapped up by Ubisoft Massive

Looks like former PlanetSide 2 Creative Director has landed on his feet and then some: He posted on Twitter today that he's now working...
So that's why this game is like that!

Cryptic Studios is hiring MMORPG producers

It's not uncommon to see calls for engineers, programmers, and even artists for MMORPGs, but it's producers that Cryptic Studios is seeking, according to...